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Hey folks! So, I've not done a post like this before and I blooming well should have because, as you know, I love me a bargain (or 10, lol) and I also really like to let you guys know where you can get some of the best products around for decent prices. Here are some of my recent faves. Enjoy!!

Oversized yellow knitted jumper, size M (Amazon)

Oversized pink knitted jumper, size M (Amazon)

Oversized apple green knitted jumper, size M (Amazon)
I took a standard photo which hasn't been 'spruced up' so, you can see each item in their true form. They are super comfy, casual but, believe it or not, can look very smart and the colours are (pastel) rich! I'm likely to live in them because, they feel SO good on my skin and are way TOO comfortable!!

Copper pot faux plant (Primark)
view / purchase
I'm not into plants and flowers at all but, I do like how (some) plants look in the home and so, this little fake gem is a lovely, stylish addition to my place, especially as it looks so real. The best thing about it is that there's no need for any maintenance, except the odd dusting (ha-ha) which means it will last forever, real talk! 

Peg photo frame (Poundland)
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This is too cute, I just love it! An incredibly cheap buy which you can feel when you hold it, but, it actually looks more pricey than its £1 tag - a fab, cool way to display some of your most precious memories. 

Hairbust vitamins for hair growth (Amazon)
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BUY THESE ASAP if your hair is thin, or fine, if you are experiencing balding, or tired looking hair because, these have literally changed the life of my hair and might just do the same for yours, no joke! I mentioned them in my Instagram stories (I showed a brilliant before and after) which some of you responded to and, while I cannot (yet) compare them to Sugarbear Hair, I can honestly state that, Hairburst have definitely made a visible difference to my natural hair, plus they taste real good! 

Patterned cushions - styles / stock may vary (Primark)
Gorgeous styles, too comfy and the best size! I've added them to my bed (you may have already seen them if you follow me on Instagram) however, you can obviously use them as you like.... Sofa, garden chairs, conservatory etc. They're such a great feature.

Pretty Smooth gel eye patches (B&M Stores)
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Oh. My. Life! I am SO surprised by how good the patches are because, they cost just £1!! The price had me reluctant to try them, however, I'm glad that I did. They have a cooling effect, no odour, are almost weightless, there's no tingling sensation and they're comfortable to wear. I feel and notice a difference every time, which, again, I have shared via Instagram stories. I've actually stocked up! This is a fairly new product so, at the time of publishing this post, it remains unlisted on the B&M Stores website :(

Bath bombs (Wilkinson)
The blueberry & grape + the lime & ginger are my faves! Nowhere near as good as Lush (if you've read my Affordable Home Spa Experience post, you might already know about my Lush obsession) but, the Wilkinson (Fruits) range is really good!! They smell great and give the bath a milky feel which is very relaxing! 
view / purchase ;)

Personalised cotton make up bag (Amazon)
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This was a birthday gift for a friend (named Rebecca) and, I must say, it was very well received! Lol!! It's simple, neat, individual (owing to it being personalised) and is easy to clean (washing machine). It's also spacious and, as it's cotton, sits comfortably in any bag. Fab little purchase! So much so that I ordered one for myself too!!

Really hope you found something in this post that you like and will treat yourself too. After all, you're worth it! ;) 

Thanks for reading.

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