Sunday, 24 March 2019


2 weeks ago, this website just would not co-operate and I was unable to publish the post I shared last Sunday. I spent hours trying to resolve the issue. To say that my frustration level was extremely high would be a bit of understatement. I was angry. “But, why?” I asked myself.

There has been a decline in readers, despite the stats I shared several months ago across my social media [with evidence because, we know how some people think everything is click bait], very few bother to leave a comment underneath the posts, share them with their network, or send any feedback and the Facebook page is just, "meh"! The interaction is at an all time low and that makes it’s far more difficult, not only to know what content to produce, but, to stay motivated.

When something is first launched, almost everybody is about it! We want to be the first to know, to inform others; to be seen to be up to date with the latest. We’re fascinated, keen to be about it, interested to learn of any benefits there might be to ourselves and so, we’re all over it like a rash. Then, the novelty wears off. We don’t need it anymore, or we find better; something more engaging so, we, without any warning, just up and leave, or stay but, fall short on communication.

From material possessions to people, this is how some of us tend to operate. Or, am I being a tad dramatic?

A little while ago I shared a tweet about the life span of this blog, if you will. I began blogging in 2010 and have loved it because, I really enjoy writing, reading, research, taking pictures, educating, inspiring, learning, being creative, etc. However, there’s very little joy with it these days. That struggle is more real than I know how to articulate. The thousands of views are amazing, and I wholeheartedly appreciate each person, around the world, who takes the time to read what I share in this space, especially when I consider just how much talent there is worldwide and the vast amount of content being shared 24/7! That said, I’d trade those thousands of views for genuine interaction any day! Views do not tell me what readers want, or don’t want; what they like, dislike, or need. Only written comments/feedback will do that.

Time is precious to us all so, I understand the need to have a quick read and then leave, but, that extra 30 seconds to 1 minute; the added effort to leave a response to the blog posts you read, will make every bit of difference necessary to continue with The Real Talk UK Blog. It’s way too much work to amount to nothing. Are you with me on this? Do you get where I’m coming from? I just cannot keep spending hours on writing, editing, proofreading, research, photography, resources, money, etc., etc., etc., for nada!

Has it simply run its course? I don’t know. All I know is that I think I may need to leave it here with the blog. I’m not one to force content and I certainly do not want to exploit my own time, because, it takes an incredible amount to create each post, without seeing its worth. If that makes sense.

I mean, what do you take away from my blog posts? What do you enjoy about my writing style? What would you change? What do you want to see on this website? What do you want more/less of? Is there something I once did which I no longer do that you'd like to see return? What are you currently struggling with? Is there something you’re curious about? Do you have any questions about me, or blogging?

This blog has always been about you. I do not earn from it; writing is simply my zen but, I will continue to write no matter what. The same can be said of photography and the alike. The difference is that, with my writing, it will remain private if not published on here… So, what do you think? Are we going to build a more interactive community on this space, or should we say our goodbye’s? Be honest with me...

Charley x