Sunday, 17 March 2019


If you’ve been reading my blog for several years now, you will know that I absolutely love me a hot, steamy bath mostly for how amazing it is for my face! So much so that I sometimes share Instagram stories of the before and after, or just the results, and have created my very own Home Spa Experience which you can see here.

In recent years, I have learned just how vital it is to spend time deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, resting and giving my body [as well as my mind] some time to recover from the daily routine of being on the go as soon as the alarm rings until it's time to hit the sack again, often 6 days a week!

My choice of restorative joy, if you will, whenever I feel in need, is to meditate and to also give myself a full body pamper session before getting an early night and this would be done on a Friday evening [if I’ve no other plans] so I can still make the most of my weekend!

Currently rocking braids, I condition my hair using castor oil, coconut oil, pure olive oil and the African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray. There's a theme there, ha-ha! A small amount of each product is used and once conditioned, I tend to leave the hair wrapped for 30-45 minutes. This process leaves my hair soft, shiny and fresh. I do also wash my hair whilst in braids using organic products which, at the time this post was published, I've actually run out of! Eek!

My hands can get so frikkin dry which annoys me big time, however, I've found that ‘showing them some regular love’ has improved the actual look and feel of them! After cleaning them with hot water and a gentle hand-wash, I apply a scrub, rinse, then moisturise with one of the above-mentioned oils and place them in gloves until the moisture is completely absorbed. I then work a tiny amount of deep heat into them after which I give my nails a manicure.

As you may know, I give a lot of care and attention to my face. I have done since my mother taught me the best, simple cleansing routine which I’ve pretty much stuck with since my early teens! I wash my face with hot water only, cleanse using either the Boots Essentials Facial Toner, or Distilled Witch Hazel, I then apply a face mask [one that is gentle, includes antioxidants and smells amazing], after which it’s all about the eye patches. When the patches have been removed, I wipe my entire face with the Boots Cucumber Cleansing Facial Wipes, leave for 5 minutes and then I apply quite a lot of oil [either coconut, or olive].

Shower first, of course, at least 2 rounds to ensure all the yuk has been removed, lol, thorough application of my body scrub [I currently only use those pictured], then rinse and shower again, pat myself dry [so that some water remains] and then apply a generous amount of Aqueous cream mixed with either olive, or coconut oil. I clearly love me some oil, LOL!

Although I do not have very nice-looking feet, real talk, I’ve a good pair, if I do say so myself! My heels are soft and free from any cracks, there is zero rough skin and they don’t smell. Chuffed to be winning somewhere in my life, LOL! After washing them [I may have had a pedicure beforehand, ideally 1 – 3 days prior], I pat them almost dry and apply a foot mask, I then work the remaining product from the mask into the feet followed by some Aqueous cream mixed with olive oil.

It’s all about switching off from everything and everyone for a few hours, or an entire day, to unwind, relieve stress and give yourself the space to treat your body from head to toe, literally! It’s super simple, but it takes a dedicated period of uninterrupted time.

Making sure my phone is set to silent and away in a drawer, I have calming music in the background, a cup [or 3, lol] of chamomile tea and a couple of peace inducing candles burning while I immerse myself in a full on pamper session and I absolutely LOVE IT!! The way I feel SO amazing after half a day, or a full day, of self-care is beyond all words. I highly recommend it!

What are some of your essentials for a pamper, or energizing, session?

Thanks for reading.


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