Sunday, 11 November 2018


Let me start by expressing my gratitude to each one of you who reached out to me to check that I'm okay and / or to ask whether or not I'm still blogging. Your interest and concern has meant so much more than I know how to put into words.

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My initial reason for choosing to have a break from writing was due to having a new schedule. The combination of working 40 hours + over 5 days each week, setting aside time for myself, making sure I see my family and friends, keeping up with my hobbies, blogging and other pursuits literally had me living on empty and I just needed to put certain things on pause until my batteries were fully recharged. I'm sure there are so many of you who can relate.

I didn't think it would be several months before I blogged again, but, somewhere along the way I no longer felt inspired to write. The motivation was there [it's always there], I just wasn't finding anything inspiring enough to blog about.

Recently, I've had a number of experiences that, albeit shocking and completely out of the blue, have reignited the passion for blogging as well as my drive to just keep doing what I enjoy; the things that make me happy. I've also been blessed with some timely reminders:

1. REGARDLESS of the effort, time and love, you may contribute, you are replaceable. Hard pill to swallow, but, it's a fact! So, do and give to the best of your ability, but, never be fooled into thinking that anything is secure.

2. BEING a genuine, hearty soul will not protect you in a space where there is an air of paranoia, jealousy, ill vibes and a lack of trust. 

3. FRIENDSHIPS, no matter how seemingly close, are not guaranteed to last and as quickly as they may form is as quickly as they might come to an end [often down to ignorance and stubbornness].

4. SOME people are chained to the darkness of their past which can damage them in ways they remain oblivious to and, subsequently, they may hurt you. So, whether love is between you and another soul, or not, guard your heart. Try not to keep the walls up [you could miss out on so much joy] but, don't necessarily be driven by your emotions.

5. DEATH is inevitable, we cannot avoid it - we suffer loss and, one day, we will be the loss suffered. Or, let's be real, we hope we will be missed when we're gone. 

6. IMPERFECTION is not an excuse for wrongdoing. Hold your hands up whenever confronted with your shortcomings and be willing to check yourself with a view to better yourself.

7. NOBODY is responsible for any aspect of your life. Your life is entirely on you.

8. YOU CAN let go at any time!

Linda E CaptureI've been in a bit of a strange zone lately in the sense that I'm seeing a lot clearer these days yet at the same time I know I'm starting to feel less. How does that even add up? Far from being a closed book, or not giving a lolly about others anymore, I just cannot help the natural progression of change within me which I can only conclude has developed from the numerous twists and turns that have come my way without any warning, or survival guide, lol... I mean, I'm laughing but, it's the realest talk!

Anyway, all of the above shared, in what I consider to be a bit of written ramble, I want those who truly care to know that I'm doing alright and as time goes on, God willing, I'll do / be even better. My skin is a lot thicker, my resilience level has gone up a few notches, my positivity vibe is set on high and I remain very optimistic and hopeful about the future. That said, c'est la vie!

I hope things are great with you or, if not, they're about to be. God bless. x

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