Sunday, 26 February 2017


I've had too many people - friends, family, even strangers - comment over the years about my "Mary Poppins trunk" [owing to how much I carry about and the things I keep with me] that I thought I'd do a short post listing the essential items in my handbag. I've tagged / linked the items I forgot to photograph. 

This is the absolute truth and nothing but! LOL!! 

First of all, I don't actually carry a huge bag around unless necessary and recently purchased a cute little all-black convenience bag from Primark for £7 which I frikkin' LUV!

Mini purse
MP3 player
Olbas stick
Hand cream

Oyster card
Toiletries bag
Sanitary case
Chewing gum
Hand sanitizer
1-2 carrier bags
Mini first-aid kit
Hand & face wipes

Multi-purpose purse

I'd luv to know what you carry around with you everyday! What are your must-have daily bits and bobs that you cannot leave home without? Comment below x

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

21st Century Relationship 'Guide'

I wrote the title of this post and immediately burst out laughing!! If you've read my 2 previous articles, you'll understand why, LOL!! 

Nowadays it would seem that a lot of us get so involved almost immediately after we meet somebody new which can bring everything to an abrupt end before anything has even really begun so, this list may be The One! It might also make you giggle! :p
Also, there's a video for you at the end ;)

1. Do not follow each other on social media

2. Do not spy each other's social media

3. Do not get to know one another's friends on a personal level

4. Do not get super close to his / her family, or pets

5. Do not spend 24/7 together 

6. Do not try to change for them

7. Do not try to change them

8. Do not get too close too soon

9. Do not fart in their company

10. Do not use the toilet in front of them

11. Do not get too comfortable

12. Do not become complacent

13. Do not behave in any way that you'd not appreciate them behaving

14. Do not have any expectations, EVER!


He will sometimes try to sell a product to you at the end however, his messages before that point are quite spot on so, take a look at the ['Red Flag...'] video below. I hope it positively inspires you somehow where your relationships [of all types] are concerned.

Thanks for reading, folks. Feel free to leave a comment / reaction below.


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Friday, 10 February 2017


In a relationship? Great! You're good to go - it'll be dinner, cinema, a romantic walk, drinks at a bar somewhere decorated with all things red and hearts, or a cosy night in designed to have the obvious happen.. Perhaps all of the above and then some if you're being spoilt, LOL!

Single and without [any available] friends to enjoy the day / evening with to distract from being alone on Valentine's Day? Keep reading....

I don't have the answers to every question I'm asked but, I'm always happy to try to help. "Charley, what can I do on Valentine's Day to stop myself feeling glum?". Once again, for me, it's simple. I don't succumb to the money making scam at all! It's just another day that has been tagged as being something we must all 'buy' into. Literally!

This year V-Day falls on a weekday and so, you might be at work [which could be a big enough distraction], or you may feel too tired after being on the job to be concerned with any evening plans. However, here's a list of things you can do [during the day, or night] which may prevent you from feeling all doom and gloom on February 14th!

Bake some goodies and deliver to the homeless in your area
Arrange a family get together [with those who are also single]
Start the planning process of a project you've wanted to get off the ground
Find out if your solo elderly neighbours want some company on the day too!
Begin reading the book you've been putting off [unless it's a romance novel]
Indulge in a hot bath, feel-good music [no romantic songs] and some bubbly
Spend the day sightseeing - wherever you live - and discover some new things
Have a clear out - sort out your cupboards, wardrobes etc and get rid of the clutter
Watch that DVD, film, or programme you've been meaning to watch, or catch up on
See if there are any local events for singles that may be of interest to you - go along without any expectations and treat it as a bit of a business opportunity [network]

Don't pressure yourself and try not to get bogged down with thoughts about 'being alone' on Valentine's Day. It really isn't that deep at all. Celebrate the love you have for yourself; your achievements to date and all that you have overcome thus far. Put a new spin on V-Day, think of it as 'Love Day' meaning: to love God, oneself, family, friends and all others. The name of the day is a firm fixture, how you feel about it can change whenever you're ready.

HAPPY LOVE DAY a.k.a Valentine's Day 
a.k.a Nonsense Money Making Scam Day!

              Thanks for reading, hope it's been helpful....?

You're more than welcome to leave a comment, question, or share your own thoughts on Valentine's Day below. Please subscribe and share. It's always good to connect x 


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Sunday, 5 February 2017


This is a question a number of people have asked me too many rarted times!...... “How are you so happy being single, Charley?” Choopse! Damn cheek!! Lol!

First of all, that sort of question tells me way too much about those who ask [ahem], secondly, I'm living [that's how] and am excited by the daily blessings, challenges, opportunities and every other positive aspect of my life. That's not to say I am finding ways of keeping busy so as to distract myself from not having a partner [so don't even come at me with that], I just really, really enjoy having lots to do and fulfillment, for me, has never truly come from having that so-called special someone in my life. Such people have added to my happiness however, they are certainly not the reason for my happiness. Plus, the solo-ship enables me to get to know myself in a way that I have never found possible when in a relationship, which I'm loving. The End!! However, continue reading because, the following may be of use to you if you're without a partner and find life in the single lane a little difficult.

Professional / career pursuits
Personal goals
Study a new subject
Explore a new city

Meet-up’s with friends
Go on spontaneous day trips
Join a gym
Take up a new hobby

Take your time getting to know yourself
Check your faults / flaws and look at where you can / need to improve
Establish your short term goals [which can change depending on a new opportunity] 
Learn to be comfortable with you – your own company, who you are as a person, talent etc

It would seem that a lot of people place HUGE importance on a ‘need’ to find their ‘perfect’ partner and settle down. Personally, that would be really nice [we all want that] but, I am not at all desperate nor in a rush to meet someone with whom I might enter into a long term committed relationship. At the time of sharing this post, I am more concerned with the relationship I’m having with myself. 

I think independence, self-worth, positive people [close friends, family and the alike] and environments are what you should be indulging in whilst single. Try to keep the company of those whose values and standards match your own especially when it comes to your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. The impact of the beliefs and opinions of others can make such a difference to the type of people you meet and welcome into your life. Be conscious of that.

Try not to allow yourself to be so easily influenced, or pressured into ‘finding’ yourself a partner. Life is too short to waste it on the search for your 'other half' when you have yet to get things right with who you are and achieve your [short term career, or personal] goals. No matter how long it takes, I genuinely believe that, eventually we each meet [organically] The One with whom we are compatible. BE patient, stay active and remain hopeful. You're so deserving of true love and it will come your way when you quit desperately calling it to arrive.

You're more than welcome to leave a comment, question, or share your thoughts below. Please subscribe and share. It's always good to reach out x 


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