Monday, 26 December 2016


It can be so amazing to get together with loved ones to enjoy a feast of delicious food, good conversations, laughter, play a few card/board games, to watch festive movies, sing-a-long to cheesy classics and simply be in one another's company.... It must be Christmas, ha-ha!! 

I'm very blessed, as are many of you, to be able to indulge in life this way - God willing, I know for sure that I can see my family every Christmas and, together, we will ensure we all have the most awesome time celebrating the season! It's incredibly upsetting that for one too many Christmas is not a 'holiday' they have the privilege of, owing to a long list of reasons that would fill this entire article!!

In fact, the biggest heartache for me during 2016 was coming across so many who were at some sort of disadvantage; not being able to progress through no fault of their own. From the homeless couple I met near Box Park in Shoreditch, London [UK] to the young people [under age 17] going through very difficult times and the single mother unable to feed herself due to the cost of living and raising her child, 2016 had my eye balls see A LOT, all of which I was deeply affected by. 

During 2016 I gave back whenever the opportunity presented itself, wherever possible, and within reason, simply to see others smile. Once again, one of my goals for 2017 [TWENTY-SEVEN-TEEN, good grief] is to use the platforms available to me to support others in some way. I'm determined to make this happen and am working towards something I very much hope will do well.... 

This is my last blog entry for 2016, straight off the back of a wonderful Christmas spent with my immediate family!

I hope you will each have a super jolly time for the remainder of 2016 and a splendid New Year. Thank you so, so much for supporting this blog [to date, it has received 47,000+ views worldwide], my radio journey [almost 5 years] and all other endeavors I have pursued over the years. I hope to have your continued support throughout 2017. God bless, folks x

Make the last days of 2016 COUNT!!

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Sunday, 18 December 2016


Quite a number of people have asked me about the above based on some tweets and Instagram posts so, I thought I’d share with you what I do to indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation! Hope you find this useful… 

Sunday - Home Spa bath.
It’s like a sauna and steam which helps [me] with body aches and pains! Prep the day/night before if you can.

  • Make sure you give your bathroom, especially the tub, a thorough clean.
  • Set aside any calming oils and your favourite scented shower/bath wash.
  • Decide what music you’ll have play in the background [soothing riddims].
  • Lay out your essential body lotions and clothes.
  • Making sure the bathroom windows are shut, run your bath [add the oils, bubbles etc].
  • Have a light, healthy snack and be sure to take a bottle of water into the bathroom with you.
  • Once run, put your music on and set your phone to silent.
  • Dim the lights, if possible, or turn them off and lay out mini candles to help you relax.
  • Include soothing oils, some bubbles and a lush bath bomb for extra moisture.
  • Ensuring the temperature is right for you, sink into your tub and indulge in steamy, fragrant relaxation!
  • TIP: If you struggle [for whatever reason] to quiet your mind, instead of music, read a motivational book whilst the bath is running and take it with you to read once you’re in the bath.

My essential products used for my home spa bath:
Snow Fairy [used to create bubbles and soften my skin]
Lavender oil, just a few drops unmixed [calming scent]
Olbas oil, 2 drops [for sinus and headache relief]
Faux mini candles [for ambience and relaxation]

Monday – Thursday
I meditate [either first thing in the morning, before my workout, or just before bed] and make sure that I put myself in a quiet space to do so. The aim is to pause my thoughts and free my mind; to just be completely still and peaceful for 10 – 20 minutes. I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all where meditation is concerned so, how you mediate and for how long is entirely up to you! Drinking some water beforehand helps and you ought to be in comfy clothing, in a relaxing and quiet environment that enables you to switch off. Doing this actually gives me a lot of energy and has me feel super positive afterwards. The challenge with meditating is making sure you do not allow your mind to wander onto things, people, or subjects that are negative, or upsetting.

I try to read as much of my chosen book as possible [always something funny, uplifting and positive, or educational in some way – Oprah’s What I Know For Sure is an excellent read!!] For me, it works best to take my book to bed with me and read a few chapters before I snooze. Since doing this I either have really amazing dreams, or I don’t dream at all. Either way, insomnia is not such a problem anymore! Remember how often I would tweet about that? Ugh! Not The One!!

It’s all about feel-good music! As a child, I remember my mother would [usually on a Sunday morning] have us [3] wake up to some country and western, soul, rhythm and blues, or reggae that she would be singing and dancing along too! Sometimes we would join her for a sing-a-long and a little boogie!! It was so much fun and a lot of laughter was shared so, this is something I have continued to do in my own home once a week and I flipping love my one-woman raves!!!!

There you have it! Simple but, super effective ways to get and keep your mind [and body] right throughout the coming months. Always better to surround yourself with the things [and people] who add to your happiness. From your mind is right you’re less likely to go wrong, which is what you want for 2017!!

Enjoy the festivities, folks! Lots of love x

Thanks for reading! 

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Sunday, 11 December 2016


Some ideas for Christmas gifts and treats, either for your loved ones or yourself. If you don't get down with the festivities, it doesn't matter, you can still purchase these amazing products for upcoming birthdays etc. This post would have been too long if I listed the contents of every item and also included images for each product so, please click on the links for pics and info of those that take your fancy. These will make fab gifts for anyone. Plus, I've included a BRILLIANT GIVEAWAY worth £230.00 courtesy of a superb Blogger!! Enjoy! x 

Boots Children's Photo Keepsake Case
I am so into their skincare range but, they do, of course, have other amazing products!  

Bubble Tea Bath & Shower Hamper Gift Set £15.00 [her - online only]
Beckham Homme Duo Set £3.75!
Emoji Selfie Kit £3.50 [kids] 

Lush Under the Mistletoe

LUSH [Vegan friendly]
Really, really hope someone will buy me some goodies from here for Christmas!! Frigging LOVE the stuff!!!!
Under the Mistletoe £32.95 [her - x6 SUPER lush products!]
Gift Card starting at £5.00 [him]
Butterbear £19.95 [kids - x4 items including honey soap!] 

The Body Shop Shea Ultimate Collection
Shea Ultimate Collection £35.00 [her] 
Bath it Up Santa £8.00 [kids – strawberry and mango shower gel + bath sponge]

My number one stop for essentials, all year round, for yonks now! I happily bop around my local store picking up [mostly household] products which I’ve no complaints about. So, if all of the above are out of your price range [nothing wrong with that] you can check out the Christmas Selection at Poundland. It's always about the thought behind the gift and not the amount you've actually spent so, feel no way to see what festive bargains you can find at your local discount stores!

Happy Christmas Shopping, folks. I hope this post is useful.. Scroll to the end of this post for something extra special courtesy of *Nicola Millington x

Thanks for reading! 

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Monday, 5 December 2016


9 months in my tummy, potentially the world of cravings, more aches and pains on top of those I already live with on a daily basis, nausea, possible frequent sickness, weight gain, stretch marks, fatigue, heightened emotions and the rest! See all of that I can handle.... The fact that, although we live in such a beautiful world, there are far too many horrid individuals living among us isn't something I can handle.

Aged 14, or 15, I remember having a conversation with my mother about being a parent one day and I said, "Mummy, I don't ever want to get married, or have babies". She didn't question me, her response was, "okay, no problem". At the time of sharing this post, I am 36, single and focused on my goals and my feelings about parenthood remain the same. The thought of becoming a mum sends my anxiety through the roof!

Not that I feel a need to justify my decisions however, I am so over being asked if I'm married and have any children, or when I'll settle down and start a family, followed by looks of utter disgust and disappointment when I reply with, "I have no intention of having a family of my own, thanks". Since when did it become compulsory? I've no interest in doing such things. In all honesty, the idea of getting married is absolutely fine although it would need to be incredibly low-key and inexpensive! 

Life provides no guarantee that you, or your loved ones will always be safe and well. We can never know for sure if, when, or how we can protect those we love from experiencing awful things in their lives so, I've chosen not to place that burden or worry on myself any further by having children of my own! As I mentioned, the world is filled with far too much darkness for me to bring another human being into it who will, as a result of that darkness, have to go through way too many murky times. In addition to that, I just do not ever get that broody feeling when I'm around babies. I'm the one who will "coo", maybe hold them for a while and then smile real wide as I hand them back.

My mind is and has been made up for a good 22 years and while I frigging adore children so much, the role of auntie, occasional babysitter, youth worker etc are more than enough for me. I get to contribute to the positive and productive growth of our young people without becoming too emotionally involved or attached.

I think it is so wrong to try and make a woman [or man for that matter] feel as though they exist only for the purpose of reproduction and, or to imply that women above a certain age who are without a husband and children have less of a place in society, or within a 'social' circle. My position in this universe has nothing to do with whether or not I have, or will have a baby and everything to do with what I choose to contribute to the greater good of the world.

Although I am really pleased for those who make the choice to do so, I do not want to bring babies into this world and that, my readers, is that! The End!

Thanks for reading! 
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