My name is Charley and I began blogging in December 2010 during a challenging time where I decided to use my love of writing [initially poetry] as a way to positively release. A bit of a 'dude' growing up, the nickname “Ms Real Talk” was given to me because, I would often say the very things people would think but dare not say aloud! That said, I try to be constructively opinionated [ahem], although I understand there will always be at least one person who is offended [for whatever reason] by something I say, or do. Oh well.... Except for my hair, I keep it real with others and myself which, I think, is important!

I have worked extensively within media and entertainment [actress, casting assistant, director, workshop facilitator, event manager, magazine contributor, radio host, etc.], as well as a community volunteer where the focus is the building of confidence and self-esteem and it is super rewarding!

My attitude to life is, "get it before it gets you" [think about it]. My attitude to the world is, "get your head around the fact that some people are shady but, you will always have the option to not be around such people, nor conform" and my attitude to everything else is, "if it feels good and doesn't have a negative impact on anyone else, stick with it".

Like most people, including yourself no doubt, I have many interests and passions, I'm skilled in a number of fields and have a lot to say about the things going on in the world as well as anything I am affected by... So, I blog to share my thoughts and feelings; to inspire, educate, motivate, uplift and inform.

My overall aim is to encourage you in a way that is genuine and true in line with my own beliefs and to offer a platform of opportunity to others where possible! Nothing more and never anything less.

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