Sunday, 8 October 2017


Sometimes, despite every effort to keep our heads above financial water, we can run into difficulties and go through stages where we have a lot less than we need to keep the roof over our head and ensure we're eating every day. Sadly, for too many, this can become an ongoing problem. If it's about low wages and your employer will not, or is not able to, give you a pay rise, keep looking for a job that pays better (without costing you more). If it's about expenses, revise your outgoings and cut, or cull anything you can minimise, or do without. 

Whenever you can foresee a month where you will have less money, it's a good idea to try to make sure you will still have everything you need (NOT want) because, the situation will be made a whole lot worse if you're unable to cover your costs and fuel your body, real talk!

1. Bills first, always! - This must be your number one priority!! Take a look at your expenditure and make sure, no matter what, you have your overheads covered. Having a clear yet detailed spreadsheet can help to keep you on top of things.
2. Reduce monthly travel costs by cancelling any non urgent plans - you can see your friends next month, go on that weekend trip with your partner another time and that treat you wanted to give yourself can wait until whenever!

3. Groceries - purchase the cheapest of the best/healthiest range from quality supermarkets/stores. Asda's own range is decent and Lidl is really good too! 
4. Toiletries - bulk buy cheaper alternatives of any products you're running low on. Especially deodorant, body lotion, etc. Not feeling good due to a lack of funds is one thing, but, you want to make sure your hygiene and appearance is on top form!

5. Increase your income - if you can, do (some) overtime and/or put your other skills to use by offering Freelance services to independent organisations (you may need to register as self employed to do this). Grab a pen and paper right now and list all of the things you're good at for which you have proven experience, put together proposals of your services, then seek out those who are looking for someone with your skills/expertise and contact them. You've nothing to lose!
Take a look at the following apps (active at the time of publishing this post, however, they may not be available on all phones, or in every country) to help boost your bank balance by saving you a lot of money on your shopping! 

  • Receipt Hog - scan shopping receipts to earn rewards.
  • ClickSnap - cashback, discounts and more at selected retailers.
  • CheckoutSmart - tells you where you can find local bargains and exclusive offers.

You are not your circumstances and everything is temporary, so, remain hopeful, stay busy, pray, confide in your trusted loved ones (who may be able to assist you during your tough times) and where necessary seek professional advice and support. You are strong and you're a fighter. There is no setback that you cannot overcome. x

Thanks for reading.


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