Sunday, 15 October 2017


This should not apply to you if you're self-employed because, surely the work you're doing is by choice and therefore you love it. If it does apply, perhaps you ought to reassess the nature of your work, how you're working and look for ways in which you can improve productivity and progression. Alternatively, you may need to consider a new venture. What are you passionate about?

If you tend to moan and complain about your job more than you speak of it fondly chances are things are terrible and not likely to get any better, or you haven't yet found a positive and productive way to jump the hurdles that come with it. That said, it could be that it just isn't the job for you especially if you identify with the following (and other such factors):

1. Monday is more than the sort of struggle we meme about! You feel quite low, irritated, moody, have a headache and these feelings stay with you throughout the working week.

2. You care about the company/your job much less than you did when you first started and, not only are you no longer working to the best of your ability, you find yourself frequently checking the time to see how long you have left before your shift ends.

3. Although you get along with your colleagues, you've lost interest in them socially and actually find yourself easily annoyed by them from time to time for the smallest of things which is causing tension, conflict and an uncomfortable working environment.
4. You're cutting corners instead of being thorough, you lack attention to detail and always avoid going the extra mile.

5. You've started smoking more, or have taken up smoking so as to have frequent breaks.

6. Eating has either become a comforter, or there's a loss of appetite. Sometimes we eat larger quantities/portions when we don't have much to do, are bored, or just cannot be bothered to get on with our work. If you have found yourself suddenly eating junk food, or more processed foods than usual, your stress levels may be higher than you feel. A change in your appetite might be a sign of something a tad more serious! Could be worth consulting your GP.
7. Outside interests have taken a back seat due to minimal enthusiasm, or you find yourself wanting to participate in activities that are a bit outlandish to compensate for the boredom and frustration you feel when at work.

8. Despite the fact that unemployment is not the way forward, you have considered quitting your job without first securing other prospects.

A job is one aspect of your life, so it should not consume your entire being. If you feel strongly that, even though you may enjoy the work, your job isn't for you, start making plans to go after what it is you'd rather be doing (career wise) and begin taking the relevant steps so you can move on! While it can be a scary time (especially as we approach Halloween - cue ghost sound effects.... Okay, lame joke), it will most likely be one of the best times of your life, as you will undoubtedly learn a lot about yourself and will have opportunities to try new things, or maybe gain additional qualifications. So, get planning! Go and pursue the better that you deserve!! You were born to live not merely exist, especially not to serve someone else providing a service you don't even enjoy.

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