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While I completely understand the urgency some feel to get their work out there, I cannot comprehend why certain people do so with such a desperation which often leads to them putting their work out prematurely!

If you must be in competition with someone let that person be whoever you were yesterday; whichever stage you were at with your goals.

In showing your cards too early, as the saying goes, you can often find that those you think you’re in a race with get ahead of you because, in seeing your game plan; realising that your aim is to simply be the first, you give your so-called competitor the upper hand. They see what you have to offer and can then play a hand they didn’t even know they had; one that you effectively gave to them!

I’m not saying you should wait longer than necessary to get something out to the public. I am simply a great believer in taking your time, feeling rather than thinking  you are ready; having no shame in deciding to pull back a little and to always ensure that what you are presenting is authentic, original and of good (if not great) quality!!!
Don’t rush anything. It’s all about what you do and how you do it not when!

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TRYING “ah ting!”

As most of you will know by now, I have been working on a new project for YouTube. THE REAL TALK TV SERIES is one which aims to positively inspire, encourage, inform and motivate upcoming talent, semi-established artists/performers as well as serve as an opportunity for such creative persons, businesses and the alike to raise their profile. Hopefully a number of ‘big-wigs’ in the entertainment/media field will take an interest in the talent featured ;)

Where did the idea for the show come from?
For many years I have been doing various work which sees me provide opportunities for others – Journalism, Youth Work, Blogging, Radio, Motivational Speaking etc and after being asked to present for several on-screen projects, of which the aims were to inspire others, I felt that there is a need for that to be a regular thing but one which isn’t filtered; where there is a real and honest look at all aspects of various industries, people, jobs etc including that of an aspiring TV Presenter who is learning on the job.

Why be the face of The Real Talk TV Series?
I spent just under 2 years auditioning aspiring TV Presenters (only females showed an interest) who would volunteer in the role and although they were each beautiful in their own way, fun and quirky, the second the camera was on them they turned into Newsreaders! Although not (yet) an amazing TV Presenter myself, I have a personality, a no-fear approach to such work and am not afraid of looking silly so, as was decided and agreed by the team, it made sense for me to present the show. For now… 

How is the show being funded?
There is no funding as such. We, the team, cover costs such as travel expenses, tapes for filming, refreshments for the screenings etc.

Will each episode focus on something specific?
Yes – this is the aim although we are still working on how best to do this as we know it is important to have the show be entertaining whilst being informative.

How did you get people to be on the show?
I contacted people I know, with whom I have a friendship or have worked with in the past. Also, having hosted live events, my own radio show and through journalism etc, I’ve met so many people who are extremely talented!! I reached out to them, pitched the idea of the show and (to date) each person I’ve approached has agreed to be involved.

What is the length of each episode?
Ideally, I would have liked each to be no longer than 4 minutes however; that is so unrealistic based on what we are trying to achieve so, 10 minutes is the aim.

When will the show launch and how often will there be a new episode?
Hopefully 24th May 2014 and weekly thereafter.

Why YouTube?
Why not? Currently it is the biggest platform on which to launch anything and everything!! Also, despite the many connections I have in the arts industry, I am without the power to simply have my work debuted on TV.

How did you get sponsorship from Happy Chap Clothing?
I met the founder (Raymond Mfon) a couple years ago after randomly coming across ‘Happy Chap Clothing’ on Facebook. I contacted him and asked if he would like his label to take part in a fashion show to be included in a Listening Party showcase event by NLPR Ltd. He agreed, we remained in contact and I later approached him about The Real Talk TV Series. He really liked the concept and so decided he’d love to be on board.

Where did the idea for the animation come from?
Like almost everyone in the world, or so it seems, I’ve always wanted an animated version of myself however not the standard (sims or cartoon) type that others have. I wanted something pixilated; quite 80s or 90s looking. I had the exact idea of its look and of the opening sequence to the show in my head but, I didn't know how to articulate that using the correct jargon or who to approach. In my frustration I shared my thoughts with Natalie (Production Assistant) and Emma (Videographer/Photographer/Editor) and they mentioned Chieze from Shining Concept whom they later introduced me to. I spoke with him and, like Raymond; he loved the whole concept of the show and agreed to come on board. 

Obviously, nothing starts out being 100% spot on but, what is hoped for The Real Talk TV Series long term?
That it is recognised and supported by a TV Network with an interest in showing it on their channel. Evidently the first series is very rough around the edges! With series 2 we are implementing all that we learned from filming the first time round. We hope by series 3 (if not 2) to have the show be super on point and for it to have a committed audience. Obviously the hits will be the deciding factor as to its future. That said I’ll always be happy that I chose to launch the project and will remain proud of myself and the team for our incredibly hard work!! 

2 screenings will be held prior to its launch. Since when do people hold a pre-launch screening for a YouTube show?
We may indeed be the first (ha-ha) however, it was of huge importance to me to have constructive feedback from professional industry persons, as well as those I trust, to be completely honest about how we can better the project. I don’t believe we will get such criticism from the general public. These days it seems more and more people are all about slating just for the sake of it rather than supporting genuine movements.

How are people able to put themselves forward to be involved?
Whether their interest is to feature or to join the team, they need only send their full name, BIO (or details of their past and current work) with reasons as to why they want to be a part of the show, together with a clear photo to addressed to RTTVS.

The Real Talk TV Series does not aim to be a carbon copy of anything already out there or something polished. Its purpose is to give to others an online hub of all things positive, productive and beneficial in the hope that it will somehow be a source of inspiration, help and encouragement! There will never be a goal too big to reach. Let your self belief be your motivation!! x

Charley Jai - @CharleyRealTalk / INSTA: charleyrealtalk
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Natalie L Royer - @natalieleonna /
Emma Obichukwu - @EmmaObichukwu
Raymond Mfon - @HappyChapClo

The Real Talk TV Series UK – to launch May 2014

Pictures taken by Emma Obichukwu and Edited by Charley Jai
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


So, here's the thing: It seems to be that in America and some other countries, people are quite good at praising their efforts and achievements while in the U.K most often 'shy' away from simply loving themselves and accepting compliments from each other. Why?

I have no problem whatsoever in demonstrating gratitude towards others and myself. I'm aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I'm also fully aware that I am HUMAN and while I will continue to make mistakes until I draw my last breath, I appreciate the lessons to be learned from such mistakes.

We all need to know that within us there is an untouchable beauty, real talk! None of us were born with a bad personality so, even when we do wrong, it will always be as a result of having experienced some sort of hardship or devastation. Now while that probably won't justify our ill actions at the time it is an explanation and one we should therefore embrace as it will help us not to be so hard on ourselves but to commend our willingness (if that is the case at the said time) to change and improve who we are.

I'm not the best looking woman out there but, I am attractive and I have have great qualities, skills, abilities and talents. So too is your truth. Male or female, dodgy past or not, right here and right now YOU CAN CHOOSE the direction you take, the person you want to be and the beauty within you that you want to be seen.
Stay humble, stay true, stay as you wish yourself to be seen by others. False labels never stick! So, the next time someone compliments your looks, your outfit, your work, your success, your efforts or anything else just say, "thank you, I know and am grateful to you for your compliment".

Have a beautiful life, folks. So you decide, so it will be.

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