In March 2017, I shared some exciting news with you and, for a short time, the products were available for you to purchase! This was too damn surreal [I just could not believe it] yet I acknowledge what a huge step it was in terms of partnerships and collaborations!! Go me!
Charley Jai partnership Nothing Clothing Company_2017
Each pound you spent went directly to charities supported by Nothing Clothing Company / IMNA. I did not and will not earn a penny from the sales. I simply put my name to something I believed in wholeheartedly and I wanted to support in any way I could upon learning about all of the sensational work the company had done to change people's lives.

As well as those pictured in this post, there were 2 other products on the former NCC website. Thank you to those of you who made a purchase. You are so amazing!!

Charley Jai partnership Nothing Clothing Company_2017
A variety of colours were available in the range and additional products were added at a later date which blew my mind!! So grateful.

 NB: The limited edition range is no longer available.

Thanks, again, to all who showed support of what was a life changing and inspiring cause x

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  1. WOW! This is really good Charley! It's great that money goes to charities and I believe that there should be a business spin off for you somewhere x

  2. Bless you, Sam. That means a lot! I'm just super happy to be able to support NCC in this way x

  3. Nice one Charley, didn't realise it's all going to charity. Good on you!!

    1. Yep! Thanks so much for your continued support, Duval. Hope you'll make a purchase 😋


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