Sunday, 1 October 2017


If you've been reading my blog posts for the last few years you will be very aware of the fact that I was so against the festive season. However, I'm now all about it from becoming an auntie for the second time! I love my niece and nephew to absolute pieces and it's lovely to see their faces light up during the celebrations...

I've always enjoyed buying gifts for others, especially when it comes to birthdays so, I tend to plan and prepare well in advance which allows for a decent amount of time to create, or buy presents I can put a lot of thought into. I actually start thinking about Christmas gifts as early as July!
Here are some tips on how you can get ahead without going broke this Christmas.

Charity Shops / Discount Stores - towards the end of September/beginning of October, many of them stock decorations (much cheaper than high street shops), as well as novelty and sample products, like those pictured below, (that haven't been used) which are good for stocking fillers, or they can be added to a box of assorted gifts.
These were 49p each from an East London charity shop!
Unwanted items - as long as they haven't been opened/used, you can give them as a beautifully wrapped present. Just make sure you're not giving the gift back to the person who bought it for you! LOL!!

Get creative - If you know a loved one is really into wall art, or home decor, for example, you can make a gift using bits and bobs you have at home, or inexpensive quality materials from your local craft shop. If you're not very good at D.I.Y, have a look on YouTube for 'How To' video's.
Home made wall quotes, total cost £3.99
Treatwell - this app/website is super useful for amazing bargains! Whether it's a back massage you're after, a personal trainer, a weekend away, or you want to book an experience for someone, there are many affordable treats and there really is something for everyone, literally! Do the relevant checks before making any purchases.

TIP 5 
Recycle - instead of buying new outfits, especially if you'll only be indoors with your family, why not customise an old festive jumper and hat, or team the jumper you wore last year with a different pair of trousers, skirt, dungarees, dress, or jeans with an alternative make-up look and hairstyle?
Yes, that is my 2017 Christmas jumper of choice!
Going forward, if you can, buy a few bits throughout the year, every month, so as not to spend all of your November/December wages (in one go) leaving you behind on bills and broke come the New Year!

It isn't necessary to spend thousands, or even hundreds, for the few hours in the one day on which we all celebrate Christmas. The most important aspect is being with your loved ones, chilling, having fun and munching some yummy food! See how much you can save this year in comparison to 2016. I challenge you to be, at least, £100/$130 better off!!

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  1. Wow ... keep on teaching Charley πŸ”₯

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    1. Bless you, DJ Fury! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a read and for leaving a comment. You're most welcome x

  3. Or just don't but anyone any gifts haha.
    No nice ideas though Charley

    1. Which goes hand in hand with remembering that the most important part of Christmas is the time spent with loved ones, not the presents given πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Duval x

  4. Great tips, just one comment about Tip number 4 - agree they have great services at decent costs, but there are also other beauty clinics (wink, wink) in London which have proven to be a serious competition thanks to their high quality beauty services and competitive prices.


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