Sunday, 24 September 2017


There are times when I feel empty. It isn't just about a sudden creative block, or not being able to decide what I should blog about, or cover on the radio, etc. I have moments that can turn into weeks, or months of complete absence of self. Do you get what I mean by that? I literally go through a stage / phase of just not knowing what I'm doing, why, of my actual purpose and where I should be at this point in my life. Sounds a tad dramatic, I know, but, this is (my occasional) reality...
Despite knowing better, I've often believed I'm the only one who will go through this. Feeling uninspired and lost. However, I recently had a friend reach out, about one of my blog posts actually, who shared with me their own self tug of war and it reminded me that we are never the only person to face difficulties, nor are we ever alone with anything we go through. There is always somebody else who has been, or is, on a similar path. Not only is there comfort in that, there's reassurance.

Okay, so, what do I do when I feel this way? Well, aside from pray, meditate and listen to upbeat music, I just stop. Seriously. I stop thinking, I stop searching, I stop being frustrated with myself and I start reading and taking walks. No joke... I have many books at home, all of which are motivational and I know of scenic places in and around London / Essex that have a calming effect on me. I also talk to my closest friends and they're very good at, not telling me anything I might want to hear, but, giving me the (honest) push I need. I also create visual reminders of how far I've come, keep positive quotes on the walls at home, I have a vision board and I also write whatever comes to mind without thinking about the words on the page too much (which is how this particular post came about). These things help massively!
I think when you feel uninspired and lost, it can be a great place to be in. Sometimes that's when you create your best work, a new idea, or get the answers you've been looking for to take you to the next stage of your life / career, as long as you remain open to receiving such things by not being hard on yourself over this hurdle. Nothing lasts forever including our emotions... 

So, try not to feel down when it seems like everyone else has their ish together and you don't. Remember, no two people are the same and none of us are walking the exact same road (that and the fact that a lot of what you see online has been edited to portray a lifestyle, or present an image, that does not represent truth). Also, anything worth having is likely to be challenging which is a good thing because, you will appreciate it even more when it finally happens and it will happen if you keep trying

Thanks for reading.
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