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It has become so difficult for many of us to find and/or secure work owing to economic change which had an impact on businesses however, it is still possible to get work and there are a number of things we can do/try to make that happen for ourselves! I covered stigmas attached to unemployment in a previous post and I hope, regardless of your job/career goals, you will find the information below to be hugely beneficial....

There are those who will ask you to go in and register, having you complete and sign the world of forms, only to never contact you with potential opportunities and, in most cases, it is hard to weed out such agencies however, some actually fulfill their commitment and will call or email frequently with offers. It is important that you also maintain regular contact with them so they know of your availability as and when it may change. I suggest you look into their success rate and see if your friends or family have had any experience with an agency you're thinking of registering with. Here are 3 that I can recommend:

Huntress Group - Office Support
The Red Agency Ltd - Temp contracts
Career Moves Group - PR, Media, HR

As well as registering with agencies you can also write to employers!

SPECULATIVE APPLICATIONS consist of a covering letter and CV being sent to a prospective employer regarding a role you consider yourself to be suitable for which is not necessarily being advertised by that particular employer. Prior to sending such an application you will want to ensure you do the following:
  • Research the company/organisation thoroughly
  • Establish the name of the Manager, HR Manager or Recruiter
  • Tailor your CV according to the speculative role you are applying for but, do not fabricate
  • Draft a covering letter that is clear, to the point, including your reason for targeting that company

Your covering letter should outline exactly what it is you have to offer, demonstrating your relevant skills and achievements, showing that you have knowledge of the company and what it is they do. Essentially you are creating/sending a product proposal and you are the product!

TARGETING POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS should be based on both your skills and interests. It makes no sense to send a spec application to Universal Music Group if your interest and skills in music is nil! For example, are you a confident and articulate speaker, a people's person who is well-presented and passionate about sales? If so, you might want to consider targeting retail companies. Make a list of what you are most interested in and your best skills then write down which type of jobs you feel they make you suitable for.

While it requires a huge amount of effort and time, it is worthwhile investing such into what could potentially be the right job (or stepping stone) for you with the possibility of both personal and professional growth long-term. Do not cut corners! Make sure you know exactly what the ethos is of each company and make sure it is one you share or at least believe in!!

You may feel you've got your game "on lock" in this area however, you'll be surprised by how much you forget, or simply don't do:

  • Prepare your attire the day before - smart, comfortable, presentable, respectable.  
  • Plan for the inevitable - to give detailed yet concise and honest answers to questions. Also have 2-3 questions of your own.
  • Prioritise the actual day - the interview should be the most important and you may be required for longer than you anticipate.
  • Eat something light so that your tummy is lined and your energy is up!
  • Exact location - it's always good to find the venue a day before and, if not, to allow more time than you think you'll need on the day itself
  • Expectations - walk in with an open mind; be ready to learn more about the company and the role as oppose to expecting that having got yourself to the interview stage you'll get the job! No expectations, no disappointment. If not the job, you will leave with having learned something new that you can apply going forward.
It's never the situation but rather how you choose to deal with it that will usually determine the outcome.

Attending events which are usually sold as being 'a great opportunity to be seen and find work' are no longer the way forward because, almost every one of those events will simply be a 'show and tell' by those already established, already job-secure, already making money, already with great potential who, far from sharing any quality tips and advice, will simply tell you what it is they do, how long they have been doing it, while at the same offering their service to you (for a price, of course) after which, sale or not, they will leave you none the wiser as to how you can see your own success with some of the info they will have given to you! So, in short, in my experience, I have learned that there is more benefit from having a chat with specific individuals and far less value in rocking up to every 'networking' event in and around your hometown!

With Simone Powderly (on the right)
Many people (who work within your chosen field) will be happier than you think to have a one-to-one conversation with you to provide you with useful information that will further support your job or career goals. Research people, reach out to them and ask if you can take them for a coffee/tea to pick their brain about a few work/business/career related things. Simone Powderly targeted me some years ago and it worked! She has since carved out a very promising career-start for herself as a Youth Ambassador, Youth Worker and Hair Model with bigger plans on the horizon!! 

I'm no expert folks, however, the tips shared in this post are those that I know work (from experience) and with so many tweeting, or talking about lack of opportunities, what to do and/or how to find work since the recession etc, I thought I'd share what has worked for me. I honestly hope this helps at least one person!!


The above tips etc are things I have tried myself and will use over and over again if and when I have to. There should be no shame in your 'rise to success' game!! Wishing each of you the absolute best in all that you strive to achieve. xXx

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