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It’s true! You can get yourself in shape just by cutting out the consumables that are no good for you, replacing those with more of what will benefit your body [inside and out], together with exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes per day [at least 5 days a week]. How do I know? I tried and tested this very method and have seen major improvements!

As most are now aware, in 2007 I started experiencing severe abdominal pain and it wouldn’t be until 2012 that I’d be diagnosed with fibroids. I’d have forgiven anyone who thought I was pregnant, such was the size of my belly…

So-called health care professionals took their time to provide me with any helpful information so, in 2014 I carried out my own research. What exactly are fibroids? How/why do we get them? Can they be got rid of without surgery

It was relatively simple – eating the wrong foods contribute to the growth of the [benign] tumours and a lack of exercise give them space to grow. I needed to devise a new lifestyle plan for myself because, the doctors were too busy keeping me sick so as to have me undergo a very serious operation from which they would make much more money than if they were to help me improve my day to day living so as to live as best as I can with the tumours.

SUGAR is the main culprit. Like liquid to a gremlin, the sweet stuff feeds the fibroids and encourages growth. BREAD causes additional bloating and discomfort [there is no type of bread that doesn’t affect me in the same way] and MILK [dairy] has my tummy quite literally feel as though something is being aggressively churned inside of me which almost immediately will have me feel/be sick. My BODY was [overall] in very bad shape [internally] and I didn’t even realise! Prior to the fibroids I never had any intolerances, or issues with food/drinks.

Don’t get it twisted, I do still enjoy some of the not-so-good stuff because, I believe a mix of good and bad bacteria are needed to keep our bodies strong however, I now consume more healthy foods and far less of that which I know isn’t good [for me]. I also discovered Moringa [through a friend] which I take daily and have found that I no longer experience any type of pain frequently, or so severely that I want/need to take painkillers, thank Jah.

EXERCISE is something that became a myth as I got older. Literally! As a child and during my teenage years, I took part in sports – swimming, badminton, tennis, football, squash, hockey, netball, basketball, dance [various styles], kick-boxing and skipping, most of which I did via school. Upon leaving education and working [between ages 16-19+] all of those activities went out of the window until January 2015!

Towards the end of 2014 my research focus was fitness. There are so many workout plans out there but, which one, if any, would be right for me and help me live with the fibroids? I came across many YouTube channels, DVD’s and sites that boast “the best” workout routine but, for me, it was a combination of David Haye and Tracy Anderson’s fun, home routines that have proved to be a winner!

By October 2015, having committed to my new lifestyle, I no longer needed surgery [the doctors were astonished] because, I had actually managed to shrink my fibroids [and reduce my symptoms] with the largest shrinking from 14cm to 11cm which may not seem like a lot [in numbers] but, it’s a huge difference in terms of discomfort; pain and the visible size of my stomach. Suffice to say, at the time of writing/publishing this post, I am living far better than I was two years ago – walking, lifting, sitting, standing, taking a shower, playing with my niece etc is less of a struggle and I now look fairly decent in the nude, real talk, hence the title of this post! LOL!!!

My DAILY WORKOUT ROUTINE [up to 5 days each week] includes stretches, boxercise, lunges, on-the-spot jog, leg raises, squats, push-ups, sit-ups etc… I started with a commitment to 10 minutes each morning [January 2015] and was soon able to reach 1 hour [gradual, steady build]. Some of the results of this new lifestyle have been remarkable! More energy, weight loss, clearer skin and better sleep. I’m so much happier!

If you really want, or need to improve your overall health there is absolutely nothing and no-one that can stand in your way without your permission.

Stupidity is sticking with what doesn’t work knowing such is bad for you and will/can have a devastating impact on your life and those around you. You’re more than capable and you are definitely smart enough to know that you’ll be better off giving your body an overhaul so, what are you waiting for? Start today! Go and get your health conscious lifestyle on and ‘run’ with it!!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this post helpful! x

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