Wednesday, 22 October 2014


They're a super talented bunch of friends who collectively are a vocal force to be reckoned with! Charismatic, incredibly hard-working and well on their way to stardom, I caught up with Ben Selley, Nathan Gittens, Karim Newton, Scott Dicks and Matt Goodenough who are members of the boy-band Concept!

When was the band formed?
We first formed the band in November 2010, we started as a 4 then 6 months later Ben started playing guitar for us. We then officially became a 5 in September 2011. It's been an incredible journey.

How have you funded the development of the band?
We've been self funded from the start, even till now, we use our own money and the money we generate from gigs. Occasionally we ask our parents for support but that's become a very rare occurrence, we're all grown up now. It's been tough supporting ourselves but it's definitely taught us loads of valuable lessons. The struggle is all part of the journey to success. 

Which one of you is the heart-breaker?
The heart-breaker.. That's a good question. We're not really heart breakers, we're more likely to get our hearts broken. We're pretty good at that. If we had to name a person as chief heart-breaker, it could possibly be Karim but none of us tend to. Which is strange to think. We're all good boys I guess.

What level of comfortable are you with each otherA) Fart level, B) Morning breath level, C) Hugs and kisses level, D) None of the above? - If none of the above, why boys? Get down with some group love!
We are comfortable to the extreme, just imagine what you're like around your brothers and sisters. That's us! Sometimes we feel like we may spend a little too much time together because, morning breath and farting around each other should have never be okay! Ever!! We reached a high level of comfort a while ago, we're family so we're used to everything. There's some hilarious stories.. But we won't share those with you.

Oh! No fair... Choopse! Okay, so, describe your X Factor experience:
It's basically like putting your emotions through an intense workout for an entire day! Every single emotion you could think of is doing something inside your head, at any given time. You go from happy to sad to excited to anxious. It's so confusing. Overall the experience was phenomenal and worth while but sometimes, at points, we just wanted to shut down, sleep and see our families. That's just the nature of the industry we're in. It's got it's major highs and major lows. We wouldn't change a thing though. 

Concept auditioned for X Factor 2014. Check out the judges reaction to their audition here:

Finish this sentence: Louis Walsh is.. 
A very funny guy. A great laugh.. Poor decision maker though.. Just kidding, well kind of. We got on really with him and we were fortunate to get his advice. He's got a massive amount of experience and knowledge. So... Thanks Louis. We'll forget the whole "no" thing in Bermuda shall we, let's just move on ;) Friends?!

Success depends entirely on supporters. Do you have a unique/special way you thank your fans?
We've created a close bond with our fans, they're more like our friends than fans. We feel that makes the difference. We love them. Thank you for all the support.

Aww, that's so sweet! So, what's next for Concept?
Music music music! Going to write some original material to give to the people, it's been a while since we gave our fans something new. Then some tours and more. Travelling Europe, Asia and the US, among other places. We're feeling great, we have a lot on the horizon that we can't wait to tell you! For now though, it's all top secret. So shhhhh....

Since appearing on The X Factor, Concept have given a number of interviews (including This Morning, ITV as seen in the photo below), continued to boost their profile via social media and have been working super duper hard on making their mark in the music industry! Watch more than this space folks, GET BEHIND THEM and support their journey!! 

Each answer appears as they were delivered by the band