Monday, 13 April 2015


Just four months in to 2015 yet so much has happened and I am incredibly grateful for all even the not-so-good because, each experience leads to a new lesson learned which encourages self development that further enables me to work towards achieving both my life and career goals.

Starting on a bit of a low, I felt a little discouraged and out of my depth in January, not quite knowing how to move forward without first understanding some of the things I had experienced during the few months prior. How did I pick myself up? I referred to my ‘2015 Goals List’ and after reading it I literally told myself (out loud), “the only way to give yourself a chance to potentially meet your targets is to keep trying with them” and so, as well as having a clearout of my 'life' closet, that is exactly what I am doing - trying! I’m now in a much, much better place and am super excited for all that is to come my way this year!!

Folks, sadly, we will each continue to go through many battles, struggles and hardships, let downs, a form of persecution, miss out on opportunities, the loss of loved ones (which is the most difficult to come to terms with), at times feel alone and unsupported however, there is a way to ensure you are always able to help yourself overcome those circumstances.

How? Have a ‘My Pick Me Up’ plan, or strategy in place to give yourself a positive kick, or nudge that you can easily access whenever you need it which can be (but is not limited to) any of the following:
  • Reflect on your Career Goals/Life Achievement List (s)
  • Leave your favourite CD in your music system, or close to hand
  • Feel-good music on your iPod, mp3 (or whatever device you use)
  • Pics of your fave places/people/art etc on your phone/in your bag 
  • Take a walk somewhere quiet & bright (if poss) to calm the mind
  • Read inspiring/motivational words: book, poem, the bible, letter etc
  • A funny movie that you have on DVD left inside the player/beside it
  • Call someone you’re close to who makes you laugh and whom you can confide in!
I hope this post will be of (some) help to those of you going through a tough time at the moment, or that it will be if/when you do encounter a bit of a testing time. It’s always about maintaining a positive focus - no matter the situation, it’s how you choose to look at and deal with it, never what it is!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post! x 
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