Sunday, 13 August 2017


So, here I am casually sharing this (somewhat explicit) list of information about yours truly... Feel free to roll your eyes, laugh, tut and even question some of what you're about to learn...

My ideal place to live is the countryside (I'll probably become obsessed with flowers and plants, I think, which I'm not currently a fan of).

Identical twins can bring on a migraine, or have me feel dizzy.

I'd rather do a sporting activity than go shopping.

I prefer dudes over chicks (in every sense).

My eyes are often complimented by strangers.

My belief in God is what keeps me (relatively) sane.

My relationship with God is the reason I am here, literally...
I never refer to my flat as "home".

Love a man in a suit (preferably not black, or navy).

Love a woman who is pro support of other women.

Love food! (My fave is dim sum).

Love music but, my actual industry knowledge is poor :(

Being around anything, or anyone smelly makes me feel nauseous.

Being a black woman is not something I've always been comfortable with.

Being open about anxiety for the first time on my blog made me anxious, go figure...

Being in the presence of rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, ignorant people brings out the ghetto in me (we all have those moments, now and then - don't front like you don't!)
Happy with how much I have in my 2017 Gratitude Jar ;)

Happy if others are happy (for the right reasons)

Happy every time I have a massage, especially a deep tissue massage.

Happiest just after stepping out of the shower - there's nothing like feeling fresh! (Also, not sure why, but, I sometimes get the giggles when I'm bathing. LOL!!)

If I were rich, I'd probably have every gadget you can think of!!

If someone does a fart it makes me laugh and I'm talking full on tears streaming down my face laughing! (Until I catch a whiff of the stench of course)

If I could go back in time I'd go back to the year 1984 (age 4)

If I were in power education fees would be scrapped permanently, housing costs would be brought down to a fixed rate (based on conditions of the property and other such factors), smoking would be banned in all public places (the choice to pollute your own lungs should be done inside your own home), police would be fitted with devices (implants) to record their every word and action whilst on duty, there would be no more annoying YouTube 'commercial breaks', Friday's would be a half (working) day and selfie's would only be allowed on Saturday's! (The list is endless, ha-ha) 
Age 21 I felt that I was done with life...

Age 23 is when I first experienced the feeling of loving someone wholeheartedly. 

Age 30, life changing experiences forced me to confront issue's I didn't even realise I had.

Age 34 is when I finally (for real) stopped giving a lolly what everyone else is doing and became focused on and committed to my own moves!

Thanks for reading (if you actually got this far, ha-ha).


  1. Nice I feel like i know you in a whole new light. But really giggling in the bath lol, I can easily spend 3 hours in there 😶

    1. Hahaha... I really do. Not sure what it is about the shower 😂 Thanks for taking the time to read and to leave a comment, Duval x


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