Sunday, 30 July 2017


*Change your perception / belief of what it means to "be successful"
Make an effort to look for a minimum of 4 positives in any 1 negative
Contribute towards your dream (s) daily! What have you done for you lately?
Be honest about what your goals are and why you have those particular goals
Do not look at what anyone else is doing, or how - no 2 journeys are the same
Take some time (alone) to figure out what truly makes you happy and content
Monitor your efforts as well as your results and give yourself brutal feedback!!
Know, specifically, your exact aims and what steps you can / will take to achieve them

*To me success is
Waking up, having my senses in tact, paying the bills on time, doing one good deed per day, the great friendships I have, maintaining my health and fitness regime, managing my fibroid tumours, achieving the part-time job I wanted, finally having my voice heard on Westside radio! In actual fact, my list is endless. I have been and continue to be successful.

If you sometimes, or often feel that you are 'fighting' a losing battle in pursuit of your dream career / dream life, pause for as long as it takes to get some perspective. Success is personal. There is no one size, or one route for all. Some of us won't 'make it' until we reach 50, or 60. Others achieve their goals much earlier in life. Doesn't matter! What does matter is that you stay focused on how you're doing and what you are doing to get yours!! 
During my youth, just because, I wasn't necessarily shown how I could, never did I think I would achieve the following (as well as the above):
My own place
Top UK Blogger award
Paid acting / performing jobs
Directing / writing / producing for stage and screen
Be a help to others who are striving to achieve great things
Clothing brand / label in partnership with an organisation who are changing lives
Event host for: Thandie & Co, The Black Baby Show, the Business Launchpad Awards at RBS, Ambassador for 2Inspired etc.

Allocate a few hours per week to breathe (to literally have a break 'from it all'). Grab a cuppa, get comfy and simply chill, or read a book. Then give yourself / your week a review.... Make a note of how well you've done, or are doing with your goals. Write down the things that went well and anything that didn't. Then reevaluate and jot down ideas and plans that may work better for you! You've got this and you will be successful, according to your own definition of what it means to succeed.
Ps. Congratulations on successfully clicking the link which brought you to my blog site and successfully reading it through until the end ;)

To achieve is to succeed and so every time you accomplish something, irrespective of how small, you have succeeded. How you choose to think about, or see something, makes all the difference! God bless x

Thanks for reading.

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