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I remember the 80s as a time when, for girls, if you didn't rock up to primary school with an illuminous bag, a characterised pencil, multi-coloured pens and scented highlighters you were considered un-cool. During the 90s, while at secondary school, it was all about wearing bandanas, raiders jackets, Dr Martens and ear-cuffs! Step forward into the current year and it’s all about the newest, original, or most famous 'youtuber'!! But, is YouTube a platform for everyone? Can we all become ‘youtubers’? 

I have three YouTube channels and am also a presenter for a fourth which doesn’t belong to me. When I first joined YouTube it was strictly for the purpose of presenting The Real Talk TV Series UK via a forum which is easily accessible and a platform where I could freely launch my project which I created to help others. 

RTTVS interview with TV Presenter +Remel London 

Sometime later, having come across Vloggers and being moved by those younger than myself who appeared to be overly stressed and/or concerned about having not yet settled down (at 20-something, you know, erm....), I decided to give vlogging a go myself from a complete raw and honest perspective. I now share videos via a second channel named Charley Real Talk!

The third is called Simply Siblings which features short videos (just 1 at the time of publishing this post) showing my brother (@Ashley_J_87) and I taking on silly challenges all in the name of fun!! We're really close, have a very similar sense of humour and LOVE to laugh so, for us, a channel together, sharing that vibe with everyone else, made sense. Would really like for you check out our very first video and hope that, if nothing else, it makes you smile!

But, what exactly is the point of joining such an egotistical, highly competitive online community (hub), overly saturated and dominated by all things hair, beauty, make-up, fashion, gaming and now 'a day in the life of' type videos by certain youtubers showing what youtube-fame has afforded them?

(Above) Patricia Bright, (below) Zoella

There are more than just a few reasons to become a 'youtuber'…
  • The chance to collaborate with and learn from other youtubers
  • You have the potential to realise and develop a new skill / skills
  • Opportunities in line with your career goals may come your way
  • By sharing your story / experiences etc you could be helping millions
  • Could become a refreshing hobby that is fun and positively challenging
  • As many know, the potential earnings could massively change your life!

Pointlessblog - Alfie Deyes

So, what should the goal, or aim be with your YouTube channel and what can you vlog about, or share that will be fresh and unique? I know you'll trust me in saying, “I am no expert” because, I'm not (have you seen the lack of views and subscribers to my channels? Let’s keep it real) however, I do believe myself to be an original 'youtuber' in that I am one who is entirely genuine - bar my fake hair, I keep it real!! None of my channels have been created selfishly, or with the sole purpose of seeing how much I could potentially rake in! My videos are authentic, they focus on my interests, hobbies, or experiences with no filters, literally. Other such youtubers appeal to me, massively… I’m bored of seeing the usual everywhere (online, in magazines, on TV etc) - all things style and appearance, although I still tune in to that stuff now and then so I'm in the loop...

Tyler Oakley

While the likes of Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog), Tyler Oakley etc have and continue to make thousands as 'youtubers' (now a recognised and socially acceptable 'job' title I'll have you know), you are not them! You shouldn't try to replicate what they have done in the hope of achieving their success.... I think, irrespective of what you choose to share online, or in person for that matter, an honest approach to all that we do is always best and, in the end, will go the distance. Better to do all you do from a genuine standpoint. Transparency is easy to spot! Let the motivation behind your channel be one without expectations - for fun, to give back, to reach out, to learn etc, instead of being with the aim of wanting to reach 50,000+ subscribers and views believing you will then auto-join the youtube elite and with that raise your profile and income! 

It's lots of fun creating for youtube although it is also very hard work (at times) but, I believe it's worth giving a go. However, do not lose sight of your real life goals. There is no guarantee with anything! There is more chance of you being able to hold down a regular job (hopefully within your chosen field) which will provide you with some sort of stability than gaining youtube stardom! That said, CONGRATS to ALL those who've made a living from their youtube channel. Long may it continue for you!!! ;)

Happy youtubing, folks!!! 
Do share your channel / videos with me, would love to have a nosey!!

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