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Did you sing the title of this post? YAGGA!!! {insert giggle here}.

So, in January 2013 I was given an opportunity to host my own radio show. After 10 months I hung up my training boots only to return to radio, with the same show, on a different station, albeit for an even shorter period. Both times my departure was primarily due to being unwell however, partly to explore new opportunities. {Us creative types are super keen to taste the pies in which we, perhaps at times, have too many fingers}.

Now, despite no other {formal} training outside of my stints between 2013 and 2014, I'm all set to give radio another go for a third time and I am returning to where it all began, déjà vu FM!

The late DJ JOE GRIME, a good and very supportive friend of mine, was a long-standing ambassador and DJ for déjà. Being one who followed my blog, saw me host live events and had a nose in my other creative endeavours, Joe believed my voice and energy was suited to radio. Once he had cleared it with the station manager, Joe invited me to produce my own weekly show for which I booked some brilliant guests such as Adrian and Danielle from Mellow 9 Productions, Entrepreneur Junior Ogunyemi, Novelist Courttia Newland and former Hollyoaks turned Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel to name a few. I was always told that, "when ready", I could return.

Leaving déjà after 10 months was difficult {it had to be done mainly for health reasons} and taking the show to ITCH FM {there were no suitable slots at déjà on that occasion in 2014} was not easy, literally, which is why it came to an end after just 3-4 months. However, my passion remained and so, I guess, it was inevitable that I would try yet again. As well as the opportunities provided to many via #RTRUK, interest from genuine lovers of the show, my enthusiasm for it and in memory of Joe, I just had to return and this time I hope the show will go the distance. Eek! Please pray for me.. Seriously!

The Real Talk Radio Show UK returned to Déjà Vu FM on Tuesday 25th August 2015, 6pm - 8pm and is now scheduled to air live, EVERY SATURDAY at 3pm - 5pm!  

Albeit a talk show, there will be plenty of music {I have to get my riddim fix}, plenty laughs and plenty REAL and random moments!! There will also be unique ways for listeners to get involved and, where possible, other opportunities such as exclusive competitions.

The very first time the show aired I featured a 'Dr Phil' segment which was a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the not-so-serious and funny questions folks around the UK send in to magazines. However, that section of the show was very much Joe's thing; he absolutely loved it and it just wouldn't be the same without him so, instead... The 'Real Hot Seat'   {dare I make this a thing} will be a chance for guests and listeners to ask me absolutely anything, be that personal, or professional!

Tweet us your thoughts using #RTRUK throughout the show! - @CharleyRealTalk | @dejavufm

We may do Skype call-in's and live visual streaming further down the line.

Email me if you'd like your ***music played on the show

So, there you have it. Nobody can say with conviction {lol}, "Charley Jai is a quitter". No shame in my game, folks. The only way we ever get to be about the goals we dream of achieving, is if we go out into the world with our very best aim of ticking those boxes!!

Have a look at this VIDEO FOOTAGE of the show with my brother, Ashley J, as my co-host, our guest Jackie D {vocal genius}, alongside Karim from boy band Concept and their lovely friend Matt! This show {on ITCH FM} was epic and you can listen back here

I hope to have your support 
The Real Talk Radio Show UK 
every SATURDAY, 3pm - 5pm from 7th NOVEMBER 2015! x

The first show is likely to be a controversial one by default, ha-ha...

Some pics from previous shows..

Self made promo card!
Entrepreneur Junior Ogunyemi and I at déjà
ON AIR +Itch FM 
with my ITCHFM co-host Kat B {MTV}

SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO: The Real Talk Radio Show UK!

***Clean tracks only - no expletives, or use of the 'N' word. Play is subject to terms and conditions at the discretion of the station manager.

You can also email me if you would like to be a guest on the show, or have a product, business, or brand you would like to promote.

Advertising may be subject to a fee depending on promotional requests.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! x

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