Monday, 26 December 2016


It can be so amazing to get together with loved ones to enjoy a feast of delicious food, good conversations, laughter, play a few card/board games, to watch festive movies, sing-a-long to cheesy classics and simply be in one another's company.... It must be Christmas, ha-ha!! 

I'm very blessed, as are many of you, to be able to indulge in life this way - God willing, I know for sure that I can see my family every Christmas and, together, we will ensure we all have the most awesome time celebrating the season! It's incredibly upsetting that for one too many Christmas is not a 'holiday' they have the privilege of, owing to a long list of reasons that would fill this entire article!!

In fact, the biggest heartache for me during 2016 was coming across so many who were at some sort of disadvantage; not being able to progress through no fault of their own. From the homeless couple I met near Box Park in Shoreditch, London [UK] to the young people [under age 17] going through very difficult times and the single mother unable to feed herself due to the cost of living and raising her child, 2016 had my eye balls see A LOT, all of which I was deeply affected by. 

During 2016 I gave back whenever the opportunity presented itself, wherever possible, and within reason, simply to see others smile. Once again, one of my goals for 2017 [TWENTY-SEVEN-TEEN, good grief] is to use the platforms available to me to support others in some way. I'm determined to make this happen and am working towards something I very much hope will do well.... 

This is my last blog entry for 2016, straight off the back of a wonderful Christmas spent with my immediate family!

I hope you will each have a super jolly time for the remainder of 2016 and a splendid New Year. Thank you so, so much for supporting this blog [to date, it has received 47,000+ views worldwide], my radio journey [almost 5 years] and all other endeavors I have pursued over the years. I hope to have your continued support throughout 2017. God bless, folks x

Make the last days of 2016 COUNT!!

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  1. Big should out to Charley for your blogs of wisdom, entertainment and jokes. A bit of a summary from me 2016 has been a a year of transition and I have good hope for things in 2017 starting a new job, footie, films especially comic books films are lol. Also looking forward to reading more blogs and listening to Charley on Shoreditch Radio.
    Peace out!!

    1. God bless you, Duval. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, to leave a comment and for your continued support which I wholeheartedly appreciate x


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