Monday, 2 January 2017


I woke up this morning happy, excited and grateful, feeling so damn blessed, energised and ready for all that awaits me this year. Can you believe it is 2017? I flipping can't! How did we get here so fast? Seriously!? It feels like yesterday was 1997 and now today it's the year two thousand and seventeen and, trust me, there's definitely no time to be wasted! I want to take the opportunity to share the following....

To each person who has stood by me, supported, guided, educated, comforted, prayed for, challenged and loved me, you have it here in writing that I wholeheartedly adore you and am beyond thankful for all that you have done and continue to do for me. No deed, no action, no words of encouragement have ever been considered too small because, there is no such thing. I appreciate any of your valued time that you take to ensure I know you care about me and likewise, [I hope you know] the feeling is mutual!

Caroline Odogwu – my closest female friend, spiritual sister and spa buddy. Thank for your understanding, your acceptance, your awareness, the sharing of your energy, your kindness, your radiant smile and your support.

Abi Lawal and Duval Akonor – your efforts to support my work are massively appreciated and respected. I’m very grateful to you both for believing in me.

Tyrone Hylton – my best friend, brother and advisor since 1997! Dude, how have you survived this long? LOL! You get me and always have. You’ve stood by me and have been a ray of sunshine waiting for me at some of the darkest tunnels I’ve had to walk through. I cannot thank you enough for being the amazing man that you are.

Sam Simon – No matter how long we go without speaking, or seeing one another, you always remember me and look out for my work and ventures. You’ve had my back since way back when and I am super thankful for that.

Sophie Millington – Soph, our 2 years feels like 20, ha! Now that I know you, I would never want to be without you. You understand me [probably because, we think alike] and you’re not one to sugar coat anything. You keep it 100 and that’s so important to me.

Isaak Badru – Bet you didn’t expect this, LOL! You have been in my life for a minute, or 2 now and I consider you a very good friend. Your wisdom, patience, care and support are everything. Thank you.

Trevor Blackman - Just to be in your presence, soaking up your positive energy, knowledge and creative flair is a joy let alone those one to one conversations where you give me no choice but to ‘go there’. You are such a blessing. Thank you for your support and belief in me.

My immediate family members - the ones who sometimes cause me to have the worse type of migraines but, they are always readily available when I need them. I ought to be more thankful for each of you especially because, to have you play an active role in my life is the most precious and wonderful gift. 

To all who read this post: enjoy the year ahead. Keep smiling, stay focused and always remain hopeful. You got this and God has got you whether you believe in him or not!

Embrace the days ahead fully. Let go of anything from yesterday that will not serve you well today because, the future cannot welcome you whilst you're still gravitating towards the past. You really do have the ability, skills and confidence to achieve anything you want to, fact. It's all about mind over matter; so you tell yourself, so it shall be. If something scares you while at the same time it appeals to you and you struggle to decide whether it is to be pursued or not, PRAY on it! I know you may not believe in God but, I do and I also believe in you so, try. Send your concerns in prayer, believe, take action and then soak up the blessed results.

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