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How To Get Away with Murder
Season 1 was a little difficult to get into for the five 5 episodes however, it's all FIRE from that point onwards with Season 2 being an absolute BANGER of a show!! The cast are frigging awesome and Viola Davis is just sensational in the lead role. I take my fake hair off to the entire team for such a masterpiece!


Super annoyed that the episodes are made available on a weekly basis. Other than that, it's absolutely thrilling and super addictive. Your heart is constantly trying to reason with your mind; there's a consistent self battle between your like and dislike for the characters which adds to both the excitement and frustration the story line presents. It's a really good watch and another Netflix gem with a great cast and team.


In places it can drag so badly. Stick with it though because, it's everything - mind boggling, funny, shocking, gruesome [if that's your thing] and the cast are on point. I reckon the creative team have a lot of fun with it.

Luke Cage 

Mike Colter is on fine form both as an actor and a man, ahem [ha-ha]. This guy is too sexy t'rarse so, even when you're not really feeling a particular scene of his, you don't want him to leave the screen because, your eyes will like what they see. Well, mine do! It's a bit of a predictable and far fetched one [I, mean, it is Marvel] yet a decent watch at the same time. It's quite endearing and warm in a way.


Iyanla Vanzant
If you're looking for a channel that can offer you positivity and motivation 24/7, this is it! Grab yourself a cuppa, a pen and a notepad then indulge in Iyanla's wisdom and truth with an open mind..


It's Oprah. Need I say any more? Soul, heart, wisdom, motivation and then some.. You'd be a fool to not tap into the videos shared on her channel, real talk!


Black and white animated videos described as 'Confused comedy for Confused people' created by one super talented man with a quirky voice for narration. I frigging L O V E this channel!!

Amy Schmittauer

I'm not really about vloggers, I find that most of them spend the majority of their videos talking about something for too long [usually of no real substance], or showing too much of the nonsense going on around them before actually getting to the point [of their vlog], with the title of their videos rarely having anything to do with the actual content however, this beauty is different. She is insightful, positively driven, authentic, funny, knowledgeable and her channel is filled with an abundance of tips and genuine information about the type of things we all need help with, or want to know. I find her to be massively inspirational and quite like the sound of her voice/accent which helps.


You already know, right? No? You should do! Always remember Amazon but, be sure to check out the site formerly known as Play.Com - My go to for almost everything especially music!


A fantastic tool for finding work and opportunities, a great way to learn from others and also a hub of online courses tailored to your specific career pursuit - I cannot believe how many people still don't know about the goodies this site offers! 


A worldwide hub for local networking events, jobs, opportunities, gigs and more. // 


A recent accidental discovery [I'm not into fashion and the latest trends] however, I purchased a few bits all of which fit nicely during my birthday holiday to Santorini earlier this year. The clothes looked fab and I felt S U P E R comfortable [one of the items bought was a bikini but, I didn't take any pics! Soz!!]. 


The fact that I am not into this section of the post should already let you know how fab these bits and bobs are, coming from the beauty and makeup inexperienced ME! LOL!!

The Body Shop
Their creams and bath fizzers are too damn good! Their products are cruelty free too so, you cannot go wrong at all!! My skin always feels 'loved', if you know what I mean, after I've used a Body Shop product. 

My all time favourite bath fizzers are the LUSH bath bombs, OH. MY. LIFE!!!!


In an older post I mentioned the products I buy for my face. I've been purchasing certain toiletries from Boots since I was a teen. They're brilliant and have always been great for my skin. Nothing harsh, or taxing on the skin/body with a Boots product - try the cucumber range.

Nail varnish

The Colour Show 60 seconds range by Maybelline - go try some, that is all. Literally!


Their foundation gives you a slight glow and doesn't dry out your skin. Although quite mild, it does have a bit of an unpleasant smell which only lasts for a little while after it has been applied. I wouldn't say it's the best at all however, for basic [natural looking] coverage, it's decent. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you found this post helpful in some way.

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