Sunday, 30 October 2016


This is likely to be the shortest post in my blogging history!

The picture collage below is a visual summary of what too many people nowadays [mostly young girls/women it seems] appear to perceive as being the "ultimate relationship goal", if social media is anything to go by and, as we all know, to some degree it is!

In reality, irrespective of the pursued 'relationship goal' with another person, the focus should first and foremost be on the relationship you have with yourself and/or God [if you're a believer]. Maybe stop for a minute or 10 to consider how right you have things with who you are at the moment. Do you think you'd be looking elsewhere [no doubt to complete, or fill a void you believe can only be done by having a certain type of 'relationship' with someone else] if the relationship you have with yourself was on point!? Perhaps it might be a good idea to quit searching outside of yourself for what it is you feel you're lacking, or missing and prioritise working on what is within. Once you get your ish together with who you are, you are likely to be blessed with your match [not some photo ideal] and your desired 'relationship goals' might then be achieved. I mean, I'm no expert but, I reckon pursuing what others have is never a good idea/plan and if not yet mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually right with yourself [think about that for a moment], even more so, you cannot possibly be ready to be right for someone else.

All of the above stated, why anyone ever believes anything they 'see' in the [mostly posed for] images shared online I will never know.  

Thanks for reading!
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    1. Muhammad, the time you've taken to have a read and also leave such a supportive and encouraging comment means the world. Thank you so, so much x


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