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On Saturday 19th November, I attended the Bloggers Christmas 2016 event at a vintage pub in Moorgate, London courtesy of +Soeurs de Luxe and left with a bag of freebies which means a fab GIVEAWAY for you and the testing of some goodies.... 

The Lens Kit by +PNY Technologies Inc 

The kit looks amazing and is very easy to assemble. However, as is the case with most mobile phone gadgets, this kit is not compatible with my Cubot X16. I tried the lenses with a Nokia Lumia smartphone and saw no difference in the picture scope/quality. I'll have friends and family try it too and tweet [if I remember to] about how they find it.

Yankee Candle -


I received the Wedding Day candle [random, literally] and could smell its scent before I had even opened the box. Strong but pleasant, I like the fragrance and was pleased that it was a small size [any bigger and the scent may have knocked me out]. It didn't produce its scent whilst burning which was odd. The scented candles from Poundland are better!! 

Birch Water [Clean & Lean] by Sibberi

It tastes like what starch looks like, harsh on the tongue and chalky. At the time of trying this drink, I was quite thirsty so, I took quite a big swig.... It was not nice at all. 'Birch' [which sounds like a name given to something that is stale] is the right name for this 'water'.

Naturelly Jelly Juice -

I am a pure water drinker and have been for so many years that any liquid with even a hint of flavour will be a bit much for me and the blackcurrant was! That said, the texture of the jelly was lovely and it's so easy to drink. I tried them both at room temperature and then having had them in the fridge for an hour. Defo better to keep them refrigerated, I think. The tropical fruits Jelly Juice isn't as sweet and is so refreshing. They're also FREE from gelatin, gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts and are vegan friendly!! 

Hydration mask by Freeman

Not since the cucumber range from Boots discovered many moons ago have I ever felt a facial product so silky and refreshing, all at once, on my face! This mask is LIFE, literally! It has a gorgeous fragrance and I could feel it working, real talk and it left my skin soft and very smooth!! I intend to purchase some more of these asap!

 Gluten Free Bread Kit by MannaVida

Ridiculously easy to prepare and bake! The box includes all of the ingredients and equipment needed, the instructions are incredibly straightforward and the results are so good that the bread was devoured [not alone by the way] before I realised that I hadn't snapped the result!! Whether it's a dietary requirement or not, I suggest you try this bread. It is too yummy and smells amazing!!

THE BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS Exhibit 2016 review:
Despite now blogging for six years, this was the first time I had attended a bloggers event [conflicting schedules in the past meant I've not been able to] and I did so because, I think it's important to gain as much insight as possible into your field irrespective of how much you already 'know' and the 'level' at which you 'rank', so to speak.... 

Finch's Pub is a really nice venue, which I didn't expect [due to it being a place where folks go to indulge in alcohol] and the vintage feel gave it a very chilled, laid back vibe. Everyone I met was pleasant, friendly, chatty and the businesses exhibiting were unique and new to me which was both exciting and fun! - Look out for La Miela on my radio show in 2017, God willing.

Would be awesome to see bloggers and vloggers supporting one another more, as well as being more about the force behind the 'talents' we showcase. Sampling freebies is amazing and helpful for companies but, taking the time to get to know the creator behind the product, or the company pushing a campaign, or brand etc is far more rewarding and no doubt better for boosting product awareness and the profile of content creators reviewing the products/services. One of the awesome companies I connected with was Journo Link - make sure you check them out! 

The best discovery, for me, was BLOGOSPHERE MAGAZINE, frigging luv it!! Whether you've been blogging for centuries, a day, or are thinking about starting a blog, this mag is to be your blogging 'bible'.... Go subscribe!

Leaving the bloggers event with some goodies was great, the complimentary food [not nibbles, I might add, edible, filling food] was a grand touch and I think the organisers did a really good job of creating a 'hub' for bloggers and brands to connect, network and initiate partnerships. My friend and I had a lovely time.. #bloggersxmas

Note to fellow bloggers and vloggers:
Blogging/vlogging needs to be [and remain] authentic, consistent and supportive otherwise what's the point? Never allow money to be the motivation. Be driven positively by your passion and enthusiasm to discover new businesses etc.


3 gems for you! x

Kiss Cosmetics lipstick in the shade deep red [very silky] 
Skinfix hand repair cream and Skinfix oil cleanser [super mosisturising]

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  1. Cool products it's all about being amd staying healthy. I want some of this, I need all the help I can get lol

    1. HAHA! You may just win yourself these products, keep an eye on my twitter around 7pm today x