Sunday, 18 February 2018


You already know everything I'm about to share with you in this post, but, I think, like myself, you're in need of a reminder.

What often looks like an overnight success is likely to have taken more than 10 years of non stop grind / hustle to achieve. Even if it were less than that time, it's likely the individual had a challenging, or difficult journey which at times may have felt like it was never going to amount to anything tangible.

Us imperfect humans have a terribly bad habit of comparing where we are currently to someone else's path when we have no knowledge of what their walk involves, or did involve. 

Here's the thing: as I'm sure is the case with you, most people tend to share online the greatness they experience. Their fun times, triumphs, happy moments, blessed opportunities and the alike. Rarely does anybody invite you to see the ugly side of their life and, in my opinion, this is not necessarily down to feelings of shame, but, rather because, ultimately we all want to live an amazing life and encourage those around us to do the same which is probably why most tend to only publicise the 'glitz and glam'. In fact, maybe posting only the good aspects of their life is how they motivate themselves... 
Nobody is actually doing better than you. That's a certified myth. Each of us are simply in our own lane, running a race against our worst trying to be our very best. Fact. If you apply yourself accordingly and are consistent with your efforts you will most definitely succeed!

Please, if you have been doing so, stop reading into what you see online, conversations you overhear, even the experiences shared at talks, or networking events, etc. You are in a league of your own and where you are right now is less about where everyone else is and more about your decisions, actions and personality. If you want to improve, or change something about your life, start by indulging in a dose of honest self reflection, take the time to devise a new strategy, then go full steam ahead in the direction of your dreams without stopping to look back, nor at what anyone else is doing, has done, plans to do, etc. 

YOU ARE UNIQUE and YOUR LIFE is yours to navigate, however you see fit based on the terms and conditions that you choose for it. Every victory is born from having owned the struggle. Own yours without comparisons to others!

Thanks for reading.
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Random fact > When my brother, Ashley, was aged 8/9 he tutored me for my GCSE Maths exam [I was aged 16]. He was / is such a whiz! For all of his efforts, although I was awarded a decent grade, to this day, I am still terrible at Maths!


  1. Nice one Charley that's the real deal Hollyfield truth. There's nothing more real that what you see in the mirror in the cold light of day and the voice we often ignore while listening to the outside world.


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