Sunday, 11 February 2018


Single? Not ready, or wanting to date? Anti Valentine's Day? Partner away? 

You don't have to stay underneath the duvet with your phone switched off and ear plugs in to avoid the day of all things love and romance! Love and romance yourself!!

On the actual day itself, arrange things so that you're kept busy and focused on something that isn't only a distraction, but; that is also fun to do. It can be anything, from changing the layout of a room, some decorating, a D.I.Y project that's still pending, etc. Or, if you can, fill your home with beautiful things that inspire and encourage a positive, upbeat mood, but, that are not typical of Valentine's Day. E.G. your favourite flowers [second favourite if they're roses, lol], freshly washed laundry, music, positive quotes / art on the walls [which you can create yourself, or get from the net], inspirational, or comical books to read, etc.

If you're in a position to, book yourself a workshop, or a course, take a trip to a gallery, a museum, or go check out that local spot you've been meaning to visit for the longest time; spend some time with nature. Call on a [single] friend to join you! OR, just meet with a friend for a coffee and a leisurely walk. There are so many options! If blessed with a job, hopefully your role is so varied and non stop that you won't have any time to think about it being the so-called day of love.

Obviously, avoid going to the usual restaurants and other hot spots that typically attract couples on Valentine's Day. Alternatively, instead of going out to eat that day, make sure you have enough groceries indoors to cook yourself a tasty treat from scratch. There are several bargain stores that sell great cookbooks. Perhaps you can try a recipe you've never tried before. Again, maybe invite a friend over and share the responsibility of buying the ingredients as well as the cooking.

Have the day off! Seriously!! If you're already feeling a tad low about being single, or alone on Valentine's Day, being active on Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram, [etc.] isn't going to do you any good! It's super healthy to have the occasional break from the internet anyway and what better time than a day when you're likely to see things that could bring you down? 

The reality is, it's just another day, but, it can be quite hard for some people for many different reasons, including loss, relating to finances, etc. I see Valentine's Day as an opportunity to [for an entire day] give thanks for love in the most simple of ways [extravagance isn't necessary, in my opinion]. Be thankful for self love, love between friends, family love, even love for, or from a neighbour! 

So, if you're prone to feeling especially rubbish on 14th February, either pamper yourself, or try to ensure you are with someone / people with whom you can have a laugh. The day will come and go in a blink. Make sure it's a fab one!

Thanks for reading.
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