Sunday, 27 May 2018


The list below is one I believe everyone can benefit from, myself included. Nobody is consistent with delivering great communication 100% of the time, so, here are some tips you might find useful!

Before having a conversation [especially if you want to raise a particular matter] with anyone, make sure your knowledge about the subject is on point and you're equipped with the relevant information and experience, [think about this for a few minutes based on the conversations you've had in recent months] as this can make all the difference. In most cases, to speculate, assume, pretend to know [when you really don't], or to lack the necessary understanding is likely to cause the type of problems you may not be able to rectify. 

Where possible, talk it through with yourself first. Is it a conversation you need to have? There are times when it will later be realised that the circumstances have only been made worse by sharing something you ought to have just acted on, or left alone.

Know the place you're coming from because, if you genuinely care and the aim is to simply demonstrate that, you're more likely to remain calm, positive, reasonable, patient, responsible with both your words and temperament and, most importantly, you will be respectfully honest, all of which will enable you to see things from both perspectives.

Make sure you listen to hear and understand not just to respond with whatever it is you're thinking, feeling, or believe! One of the quickest ways to find ourselves in an argument, or dealing with unwanted confrontation, is to talk at someone [instead of speaking to them] which can easily come off as rude and disrespectful because, maybe without noticing, we disregard the other persons views on the subject whereby, the focus is ourselves and the points we want to make. This can show a complete lack of respect and ignorance.

Don't front about anything being discussed! No level of stubbornness makes a winner!! It is more than okay to state that you need clarity, or that you just do not get where the other person is coming from. Better to have the whole picture than just a frame!

Above all, [try to] have an open mind, be willing to reason, compromise and take the time to really try and see the other point of view. The goal should be to learn something and that can only be done by listening and being patient. You do not want to lose it, especially over something that may not even be a 'big deal'! Not everyone can forgive what may transpire once tension begins to build. Try, no matter what, to stay relaxed.

Thanks for reading.
Random Fact > People who are great talkers, but, poor listeners really frustrate me, especially those who are reluctant to hear, or who rudely dismiss anything they don't agree with. Inevitably, such behaviour will cause us to experience some type of fallout! 

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