Sunday, 3 June 2018


Although the actual list is far more extensive, here are a few things I think we should all implement, long-term...

The more you allow yourself to get worked up about the time you do, or don't have, the quicker you lose it. Better to utilise every second by doing whatever it is you need, or want to do. Let me not remind you how short life is!!

Have you read my post titled THE MAN FOR ME? There's everything right with making a conscious decision to not settle for anyone [or anything] you do not feel, in your heart, is right for you. To settle is like telling the world, "I don't believe I am worthy of receiving the things I truly want". Erm, hello? You are more than worthy!

I understand wanting to stay on top of the latest trends, news, events, etc., however, allowing yourself to be caught up with certain things can be a distraction that is not likely to serve you well. In recent years a young man became a selfie addict [if my memory serves me correctly, he was taking up to 200 pictures per day and would delete any that did not receive a certain amount of likes once shared on Instagram], he went into rehab and, post recovery, told his story on Good Morning Britain, broadcast by ITV. His life hasn't been the same since! I genuinely felt so sad for the guy. How anyone can get to a point where they become totally consumed by a [mostly] superficial, filtered world is just beyond me!!

There is no such thing as Superhuman, sorry to disappoint you. When you know you could do with a helping hand, a shoulder, some advice, etc., request it from those you trust. Better to say, "I've achieved my goal with a little support" than to have to accept that you failed, or only achieved part of your goal, knowing that was as a result of not asking for help.

Unless you genuinely have other commitments, whether things are good with you, or not, I believe it's a great idea to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest. Sometimes the very thing we feel we don't want is exactly what we need to give us the motivating, or positive and encouraging vibe we're missing. Earlier this year I experienced a particular struggle [for the first and, God willing, hopefully the last time] and, although I initially chose to keep myself to myself, it was a bit of a pushy invitation to lunch that gave me the mood shake I was so in need of and, real talk, my circumstances began to improve. Massively!! [I may blog about what actually happened one day. Not sure]. I am so thankful for my loved ones, I really am.

This is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and others. I, myself, have done this [gone for a role I knew I could do with my eyes closed, even though I didn't want it] and, although I do not regret my choice [it was a tremendous learning curve], never would I do that again, because I ended up making myself unwell and I under performed in the job because, I couldn't stand it - the building, the people, the structure, the way the business was run, etc. It was not for me!! I believe it will always be much more rewarding to hold out for something that's in line with your morals and professional goals, but, also a role which allows your personality to shine which is exactly what I currently have and I am so beyond grateful to God for that!

Think about what it is you're doing; the things you do, how you interact with others, what and whom you give your time, energy and efforts to and how those actions contribute towards your goals. The aim of that thought process should be to reach a logical conclusion about the choices you're making, but, don't over think. Finally, it might be worth saying "yes" where you would typically say "no" [within reason, in relation to all of the above] and see where that takes you. 

Thanks for reading.
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Random Fact > I worked for the 2012 Olympics in Hospitality and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, but, it was a short contract and my aim was to gain experience! Plus, I love me a bit of Customer Service and hosting so, I knew I'd be alright.


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