Sunday, 26 February 2017


I've had too many people - friends, family, even strangers - comment over the years about my "Mary Poppins trunk" [owing to how much I carry about and the things I keep with me] that I thought I'd do a short post listing the essential items in my handbag. I've tagged / linked the items I forgot to photograph. 

This is the absolute truth and nothing but! LOL!! 

First of all, I don't actually carry a huge bag around unless necessary and recently purchased a cute little all-black convenience bag from Primark for £7 which I frikkin' LUV!

Mini purse
MP3 player
Olbas stick
Hand cream

Oyster card
Toiletries bag
Sanitary case
Chewing gum
Hand sanitizer
1-2 carrier bags
Mini first-aid kit
Hand & face wipes

Multi-purpose purse

I'd luv to know what you carry around with you everyday! What are your must-have daily bits and bobs that you cannot leave home without? Comment below x

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  1. Ooh, not sure I'd get away with carrying one but, they're defo handy. Haha x


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