Sunday, 19 February 2017

21st Century Relationship 'Guide'

I wrote the title of this post and immediately burst out laughing!! If you've read my 2 previous articles, you'll understand why, LOL!! 

Nowadays it would seem that a lot of us get so involved almost immediately after we meet somebody new which can bring everything to an abrupt end before anything has even really begun so, this list may be The One! It might also make you giggle! :p
Also, there's a video for you at the end ;)

1. Do not follow each other on social media

2. Do not spy each other's social media

3. Do not get to know one another's friends on a personal level

4. Do not get super close to his / her family, or pets

5. Do not spend 24/7 together 

6. Do not try to change for them

7. Do not try to change them

8. Do not get too close too soon

9. Do not fart in their company

10. Do not use the toilet in front of them

11. Do not get too comfortable

12. Do not become complacent

13. Do not behave in any way that you'd not appreciate them behaving

14. Do not have any expectations, EVER!


He will sometimes try to sell a product to you at the end however, his messages before that point are quite spot on so, take a look at the ['Red Flag...'] video below. I hope it positively inspires you somehow where your relationships [of all types] are concerned.

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  1. Light and certainly food for thought. It is so easy to put on an act in a relationship but the reality will slowly seep out. Being honest and true to self is vital. If it is for you; It will naturally happen. No need for compromise or for making it "work". Letting go when the relationship is not for you should also be natural - accept that you were your true self and it simply was not meant to be. Blessings. Keep up the good work Charley Jai

    1. Wholeheartedly agree! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment Sharlin L x


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