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“Your skin is so nice, Charley! What is your secret?” I rarely wear any makeup, when I do it is very minimal and to remove it I use the most basic yet effective product! Here’s a brief summary of what ‘potions’ I use on my scalp/hair, my face, hands and body.

Once a week I massage into my scalp a tiny bit of the Blue Magic coconut oil hair conditioner, or the Blue Magic Organics super sure gro. Twice a week I spray my scalp with a homemade conditioner [olive oil, shea butter and jojoba]. These treatments keep my scalp and hair hydrated, prevent itching, promote growth, health and smell fab so, although I wear braids [the best protective style, for me personally], my hair always looks and feels healthy!

DAILY: See the Love Your Face post for my cleansing regime.

MAKEUP: Occasionally I paint my face [depending on the agenda for the day] using a few basic products [as I am never going for an OTT look] and have listed *below the products I use. To remove the makeup, I use fragrance free baby wipes [Johnson’s, or Huggies because, they’re not at all harsh against my skin] and once removed, I then apply the cucumber moisturising cream which I then wash off with luke warm water after which I then use a tiny bit of aqueous cream [E45] on my face.
Sleek foundation
Sleek concealer
NYX mascara
Mac lipstick

I use another homemade remedy [a mix of high street purchases] for my hands as they can be quite dry! Lavender, shea butter, baby oil, aqueous cream, snow fairy body conditioner and olive oil are mixed into a pleasantly fragranced [and crusty hands friendly] potion that brings the most amount of joy to my hands! 

When at home, as in, unless I stay at someone’s house, or I am abroad, I literally moisturise my body just after I step out of the shower as I have found that to be best [for me]. During the winter I use a mix of aqueous cream and baby oil combined into one pot. During the summer, I use aqueous and cocoa butter, again mixed together. 

There you have it – basic methods to look after my skin that work a treat and have done for years. I have never felt the need to spend hundreds on so-called ‘fix it’ products to retain a healthy body etc! More time, the ingredients in such items are likely to be the reason our skin isn’t looking so well. Sometimes, less really is more!! 

Thanks for reading, genuinely hope this has been helpful.

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