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In November 2015 I talked about being diagnosed with fibroids and I explained what they are in my Body Issue post. Thought I'd give you an update as to how I'm getting on in the hope that I can further help anyone else dealing with these tummy monsters and / or inform those who've yet to learn about them.

Personally, it has helped significantly to persevere with my improved lifestyle [following extensive research] and I think it’s super important for me to share what I have learned and changed, or implemented plus the results I have seen, with you all.

REMOVED FROM MY DIET [a select few]:
Fizzy drinks
Juice [except for watered down orange juice now and then]

INCLUDED IN MY DIET [a select few]:
Almond nuts
Herbal teas [mostly peppermint and green tea]

You may notice that my tummy is flatter and more toned in the 2015 photo and that is because, dealing with fibroids is like being in your monthly cycle [ladies] permanently without the actual flow [if you get me]. Fibroids grow when they want and the battle with watching what I eat and maintaining daily exercise to help reduce the growth of my fibroids [I have more than 1] so that I do not look pregnant is too damn real!

THE CAUSE: Further research last year taught me that high estrogen levels are the problem and certain foods are the culprits! It is that damn simple yet the doctors, consultants and nurses with whom I had too many appointments [here in the UK] chose not to give me this information and I can only conclude that this is because, it doesn’t pay to cure sick people…

Last year I also began looking into alternative products [non environmental estrogento use for cleaning my home and those I may use on a day to day basis [such as plastic] which is incredibly difficult!

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE: Check out my Body Issue post to find out which exercises I follow every morning. The mornings are better for me but, you can, of course, exercise anytime that suits you. I like to attend classes at Pure Gym as well whenever I can. 

Male, or female and irrespective of your age etc, if you experience any type of unfamiliar pain in your stomach [or anywhere in your body for that matter] make every effort to note down exactly what the pain feels like and any associated symptoms then ask google, real talk, to help give you an idea of what you might be dealing with before you visit your GP. You can then take your findings with you to your doctor and insist that the necessary tests are carried out to determine the cause of the problem. I waited years for a diagnosis only to then be offered a high risk, invasive surgical option yet there are far less invasive treatments that, if given early, can have a huge positive effect. It isn't about any type of surgery, or pills for me. Once upon a time humans lived without any dependency on chemicals to 'cure' themselves. Why is this now a thing of the past?

Apparently, once I turn 40 my estrogen levels will decrease and with it the tumors will supposedly shrink. God willing, this will definitely happen [if not before] and I can live fibroid free. In the meantime, having seen such amazing results and feeling the best I have felt in years [since being diagnosed], I will be sticking with my new lifestyle and will continue to improve however I can. Only 4 years to go! Bring it on!!

Thanks for reading, genuinely hope this has been helpful and insightful to you.

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  1. This is fantastic news. I am struggling with the diary...I have cut down on cheeses and milk, but that is the extent of it unfortunately. I am with you on the chemicals that we have introduced into our daily diet. It can only cause us harm sooner or later! People are waking up to these facts slowly :). Happy for you! Keep it up


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