Thursday, 31 December 2015


When certain folks hear the word "investment" they automatically think of money however, to invest in anything starts with a state of mind and if you're one who's blessed with a sound mentality, you know that to use your mind doesn't cost a penny.

What did you hope to achieve in 2015?
What steps did you take to succeed in 2015?
What things, or people did you focus on and give your time and energy to in 2015?
What value did you place on yourself, your life, dreams and those true to you in 2015?
What did you tweet in the run up to New Years Eve 2015?

It can be "so hard" to get up every day and move with consistency yet we know 
that consistency pays.
It can be "so hard" to get up every day and go forward with enthusiasm yet we know that enthusiasm pays.
It can be "so hard" to stay motivated by the desire to achieve our goals yet we know that motivation pays.
It can be "so, so hard" to cut from our circle those who are not of a similar mindset, yet we know that to surround ourselves with go-getter's can pay very well.

Have you invested in your 2016?
Have you cleared the cobwebs from the closet that is your life?
Have you taken time to reflect, to assess who you are and the choices you've made?
Have you noted the lessons given during the last 12 months, or will you ignore them?
Have you decided that you will finally work on removing those ill traits and habits?
Have you allowed room for a significant amount of change?

If you have spent the last 5 years of your life being involved with all that continues to keep you in the same spot, or hold you back, now is The Time to get the realest you have ever been with yourself! Get rid of all that you know does not serve you well so you can see the success which belongs to you.

You are unique
You are skilled
You are capable
You are talented
You are deserving
You are so worth it
You CAN do and be better!

If you haven't already done so, GO AND INVEST IN YOUR 2016, I dare you!!
Before you know it, it'll be January 2017...

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Image below: Shining Concept, edited by C Jai
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