Monday, 30 May 2016


Okay so, I had to let you guys in on some of my [not so] recent discoveries! To be honest, I might be the one who's actually late to the party!! LOL!

If you follow me on twitter you might know that I've been on a 'back to natural' eyebrow journey after 2 years of using pencil to give my brows the HD look, which thinned and weakened my eyebrow hair :( Now with a little growth; not wanting to 'colour' them in anymore, I decided to have them tinted and booked an appointment with Stratford Salon which is a newly established salon in London E15. The cost? £16. The result? Horrendous! The shape was slightly off, the colour was wrong and when I queried this the so-called beautician said, "maybe try threading somewhere else instead if you want a specific look" as though there is a one size fits all and I'm being difficult by requesting something different!!! How very rude!

Following this experience, a month later to be exact, I booked an appointment for eyebrow wax and tint [same treatment had at Stratford Salon] with Broadway Beauty in Ilford. The cost? £9. The result? Great!! The shape was spot on, the colour worked really well and based on my semi bald brows, when I asked, "how long will the tint last?", the beautician answered honestly and thereafter volunteered some helpful advice!! This is the place to go for your beauty treatments, folks... I've actually visited Broadway Beauty before, over a number of years, for my nails and pedicures. They're fab and have a number of branches in London.

If you've read my Love Your Face post you'll be familiar with my daily facial cleansing regime however, I've just added to it because, during the summer I feel my face needs a little more care... So, my daily cleanse is now also part of my evening routine and instead of applying my regular cream/creams, I now use the cucumber cleansing wipes and a tiny bit of the cucumber face cream which works a treat! My face feels super fresh and smooth each morning. Both products are non greasy, there's no mess and they're available from Boots. The wipes cost £1.50 per pack and the face cream costs £1.50 for 100ml. Bargains!!!

I visited this spa in Kensington, minus any expectations, and was so pleasantly surprised! It was just sublime!! I went to work the following day and told [probably one too many] members of staff all about it!

The Thermal Spa includes a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam, ice fountain plus more and all for a very, very reasonable £15.00 per person based on a 3 hour stay! You literally cannot go wrong here. We indulged, relaxed and left feeling incredibly chilled, refreshed and energised. I intend to book again and will also include a few treatments too! DEFO recommended!!

This site has quite literally been a blessing. It's great for work bits and delivery time is fairly short in comparison to some other sites that can take up to 30 days!! The quality of the clothing varies [tops and blouses can be quite flimsy] but, overall, it's a win win with 

Similar to the above, this site offers you some amazing products at a fraction, if not more, of the actual retail price. It's an app that you download to your device which makes buying both easy and a little too convenient! The downside is that they take '10 years' to have your products with you. I suggest purchasing one fairly cheap item first and judging any future buys on that. - wishshopping


                                    Thanks for reading!
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