Friday, 19 February 2016


There’s this thing some people do where they ‘beat’ themselves up for having made mistakes, told a small lie with very good reason, caused hurt, or because they allowed their instincts to be manipulated by the ill beliefs of another etc, etc, et-rarted-cetera!!!!


FYI – you’re human and while that doesn’t give you an automatic free pass to be a bitch, it does entitle you to live your life without regrets, free from self-doubt and hating yourself for any of your shortcomings. As long as you remain open to learning, as long as you realise that you are not and never will be perfect; as long as you acknowledge that change is needed [from your little toe to that forehead you’re rocking] you have the right to fall down because, you will get straight back up and try again.

Without making mistakes we may never know greatness. Such is the symptom of imperfection…

Nowadays, it can be the most difficult thing to stay proactive, positive and persevere however, that's the best damn thing for all of us – to stay focused, dedicated and to firmly believe in our skills, capabilities, talents and strengths.

YOU GOT THIS and I think you already know that. You just needed a reminder and that is why I’ve written this post. No matter what anyone says about you, irrespective of how someone might look at you, regardless of your past, despite being on the receiving end of another person’s insecurities, right at this very moment, you’re holding the power to decide where you go from here. Base your decisions / choices on the aims you have for your future not the advice of someone else whose future path is completely different to yours!

I don’t know about you but, I’m going forward as an optimist, a survivor, a student of life, free from my yesterday and fully invested in my today. I am not perfect, I’m a 'work in progress' and guess what? That’s okay.

God bless x

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