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Of these 2 options, what is your preference: clean sex, or dirty sex? I'm not talking about choosing between your basic front crawl session, or a 'freaks-are-us behind closed doors' session!!! Let's go a little deeper than that... Excuse the pun!

Are you bothered about where the person you're about to lay down with has been before you? You should be on account of the fact that, by sleeping with them, you're about to be intimate with all of the people they have been with from whenever they first popped their cherry!

How do you feel about sex? Do you enjoy it? Is it not for you {for whatever reason}? Something you, if necessary, would proudly admit to want/need in your life? Could you do without it? How would you describe sex based on your own experiences? If one without any personal issues relating to intimacy, would you say, "I love it! It's great; such a euphoric feeling.. There's no way I would want a life without sex now that I know it"?

Imagine that the above statement is true of almost everyone. Now stop to consider that of those individuals, who might EASILY lay down with whoever {be that a stranger met on an evening out, their friend, colleague etc}, how many can first discuss, with their chosen sex-partner, any relevant information regarding their sexual history? Can you? Are you able to sit and talk with the person whom you are wanting to have sex with about the subject itself? In a consenting situation, there is always some sort of mutual build up in one way or another. As part of that journey between attraction and sexual desire, do you not see any room for asking the relevant questions so as to PROTECT YOURSELF? I think it is so important to seek out such an opportunity because, although the other person may lie, it is essential, I feel, that one is as comfortable as possible with the sexual past of the other individual and there are certain answers to a particular set of questions that, if given a false answer to, will naturally see a shift in body language! Fact!!!

See, here's the thing: talking about sex in the derogatory sense, or where a group of mates might see fun in slating previous sex partners, for example, is simply a wasted conversation about intimacy. While a few partially insulting jokes about past conquests may get the whole room laughing, I'd sooner converse in a way that will get my knowledge up! This will enable me to better protect my body and my health which, if negatively affected, could have a devastating long term effect on myself, my future partner and those around me.

One of the most vulnerable and subsequently uncomfortable situations you will ever volunteer for is one where you are semi nude, or completely naked, as you engage in sexual activity with somebody else. However, if in actual fact that is something you can do willingly and comfortably, surely you can talk about the subject with your intended sex partner as well as the relevant health professionals BEFOREHAND... Unless of course you are one who is all about "being in the moment" which, I might add, I don't believe is something one cannot control. Such control would be the choice/action of those who are conscientious with standards and self respect!

When was the last time you voluntarily attended a Sexual Health Screening at your local G.U.M Clinic {Genito-Urinary Medicine}? Have you ever had a check-up? Do you know what a G.U.M Clinic is and what they do? Do you know if you currently have an STI {sexually transmitted infection}? They don't all have symptoms! Do you carry an STI virus? Are you someone who caught something and dealt with it alone so as to avoid embarrassment, or from fear of seeing familiar faces at the clinic? Or, are you one who has regular check up's, whether you are active or not, to ensure you are taking care of yourself in the best way possible?

The last time I had a screening, I attended of my own accord, felt confident and at ease. My thoughts were, "it will always be better to be safe, on all accounts, than sorry so, this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I feel proud to be one who is self aware and therefore careful".

If you have never had a Sexual Health Screening, you should. Especially if you are, or have ever been sexually active. The test {s} are painless, very straightforward, done quickly and are discreet. You've most likely had a cotton bud in your ear before, right? So, a swab is exactly that - a bud that may be gently rotated a few times in/around your genitalia. What about a blood test? Surely, you've experienced the tiny scratch of a needle on your arm, or leg in order for a Nurse/Doctor to take some of your blood? I am not one for needles AT ALL but, this is also a swift process that may be carried out as part of a Sexual Health screening. In a private room, with ONE healthcare professional, you have a chat, the tests are done and then you are on your way. Simple yet so important for your life!

There should be no shame in your sex game, folks - having "skills" in the bedroom is pointless if, with those skills, you are about to pass on an infection you do not even realise you're carrying, or you are to become the one to whom a virus is passed, causing not only a vicious outbreak {no doubt in/around your genital area} but, leaving you with something you will have to inform your future girlfriend/boyfriend of.

THINK BEFORE YOU GET CAUGHT UP! However many minutes of pleasure you may, or may not be about to have, is not worth months, or years of pain and with that the possibility of never being able to have sex again. Find your nearest Sexual Health Clinic and make sure you check-in for a screening!! ALWAYS BE SAFE!

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