Sunday, 7 January 2018


Happy New Year! This is my first blog post of 2018 and, I must say, it's good to be back on it. I hope you each enjoyed Christmas [however you chose to spend it] and had a fabulous new year celebration. For me, it was a real delight; I absolutely loved it! I'm super chuffed that I finally had the opportunity to experience Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.... 
Winter Wonderland, Magical Ice Kingdom
... and I'm grateful to my beautiful auntie Rita, who organised a wonderful Christmas extravaganza including all things cosy, toasty, yummy and, of course, festive. I am also very thankful to my gorgeous family for the gifts they bought me, all of which I appreciate!
I'm not one to rave, or seek out any [typically overpriced] event just to see in a new year [or for anything actually], so, on 31st December, I joined my immediate family again for a yummy feast, courtesy of my mother, then returned home to tick off my final list for 2017 - a few home related bits and bobs I was determined to get done before midnight - which I completed!

Now that the festive season is done, it is the season of new year resolutions and a lot of people seem to fall off the waggon before we see mid January! So, I am hoping these tips will help you to stay on track and see your resolution [s] through until December 2018. Remember, the year will zoom by; the days are never as long as you think!

Make sure your goals are realistic and fit within your means.
Do not concern yourself with what, or how, others are doing.
Remove the things and people who continue to hold you back!
Don't spread yourself thin - fewer targets are easier to achieve.
Limit distractions as they're likely to cause you to procrastinate.
You are in your own lane and, each time you get up, you're winning.
Keep your resolutions to yourself - additional pressure isn't necessary.
Make sure you only share on social media things aligned with your ambitions.
Put your phone on silent [not vibrate] during the hours when you're on the grind.
Find what keeps you motivated, inspired and driven then fill your home with that!! 
Start as you mean to go - have an action plan for each goal and stick them on the wall.

You've got this and you can do it! Focus on yourself first.

Thanks for reading.

Random fact > I have 2 calendars in use at the same time throughout each year. One on the wall to mark key events and a desk calendar for reference purposes. Too much? Lol!

Ps. If you've not read my previous entry the random fact may not make any sense!

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