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Nobody can live forever and your time is limited. There is nothing in this world that will remain indefinitely and that is why, within reason, in accordance to the law wherever you reside, you should go after everything you want for yourself based entirely on your truth and not outside influences, especially those which are obviously negative.

Many of us, if we haven't already, will, at some point, settle. For love, friendship, a job / career, material things, or a fleeting opportunity, perhaps, but, eventually, in one way or another, too many will make the choice to quit trying to achieve their dreams and accept anything 'fairly decent' that doesn't even tick one of their previously super important, must-have boxes. 

Why? Well, life is tiring. It's either not enough, or too much, but, rarely is it 'on the money', so to speak and, for some people, the never ending struggle to succeed can become a battle they lose the strength and will to keep fighting. Here's the thing though: I'm almost certain that choosing to make do with the cards you're dealt is far more draining mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, not to mention forever unsatsfying, than if you keep pushing for what it is you truly want, and one of the best ways to do that is to take responsibility for [and control of] your choices.

You won't always get along with your relatives and that's normal [for us imperfect humans], however, you don't have to be about the problems. You can be the one responsible for keeping the peace and not adding to any heated situations by controlling what you say and do. e.g.I don't have the best relationship with a particular relative and instead of arguing about anything, I simply choose to remain respectful, polite and positively contribute towards our relationship because, life is too short for family feuds.

You won't be in sync with your friends 24/7. There will be disagreements, fallouts, distance, etc. However, there will also be room for conversation and choosing to calmly discuss your differences is a far better way to maintain the friendship. e.g. I have a friend with whom I very rarely see eye to eye. I love him and think the world of him [I'm not sure he even knows this so, I actually need to make that clear], but, we're often on different pages [owing to a number of factors] and that can lead to upset which then creates tension. However, taking some time out to evaluate our friendship and reflect on my standards, as well as my expectations and then adjusting them slightly, realising they were a tad high, real talk, means we now get on much better! Instead of getting angry [like I use to] and spitting venom at him, whenever we have a dispute, I breathe [literally], pause for a moment to consider his feelings and his perspective and then I calmly share my reasons for why I disagree with him and guess what? He now does the same and we're a lot better as a result because, life is too short to lose friends over nonsense. 

You won't have it be romantic, adventurous, fun and sexy all the time, but, here's the thing: that is actually the beauty of growing together; learning what makes each other tick in different ways and at new stages of the relationship. e.g. My ex never understood what I meant when I said, "I have my life, you have yours and then we have one together". Somewhat shockingly, I had to explain that I believed it was healthier for us not to be joined at the hip; to allow one another the space to do things separately, which would likely help us to not take one another for granted and to also remain excited for when we do see each other because, life is too short to become complacent. 
Not taking myself too seriously - bathroom selfie

You won't immediately achieve all that you set out to because, we all need to take on the challenge of a few hurdles in order to realise and then appreciate just how strong we are and also how well equipped we are to handle everything that comes our way. However, your success depends entirely on how you choose to respond when things don't go the way you'd like them to. e.g.I once applied for a job that was advertised as being exactly what I was looking for. I was offered the position and once I started realised it was nothing at all like I had been told by the employer. I decided to seek out and make the most of any opportunity to get ahead professionally and to learn from my colleagues; making the best of a not so great situation because, life is too short to be unhappy at work.

You won't like, or get on with everyone you meet. Fact! There will be personality clashes, or traits that irk you, or it may just be that you don't like the vibe someone walks with and that really is okay. However, the best way to deal with such people [if you have to be around them] is to limit your contact with them, to not take them too seriously [or yourself for that matter] where your dislike for them is concerned, to remain courteous and respectful and don't entertain anything that doesn't sit right with you [which can be applied to every other area of your life] because, life is too short to give your time, or energy to anyone, or anything that doesn't add value to you! 

No matter what, don't box yourself in and try not to be influenced, or swayed by others. Remember, as I have told you before, you are worthy of greatness, but, in order to achieve that, you have to be all in when it comes to taking risks as well as making choices that others may frown upon. 

As long as you know, 1000%, that you are being / doing the best you can possibly be / do for yourself and not to impress, or keep up with everyone else, you're winning!

Be confident in all that you are and all that you stand for / represent. You have a right to remain unique. I mean, nobody wants to be a clone do they? Life is definitely too short for that! LOL!! x

Thanks for reading.
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Random fact > I am not one for extravagance. I'd always choose to do something chilled over an insanely expensive outing! Yes - I'm also that person who will check if I can buy my chosen product from Lidl, or Aldi before going anywhere else!


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