Sunday, 21 January 2018


For me, January is very much a continuation of December. A month of love and light with a bit of a festive vibe. So, it's all about spending more time with loved ones and planning [as much as you can] for the year ahead - strategies for achieving your goals, the occasional outing, holidays, etc. I also think January is a great month for having some time to yourself - to chill, reflect, be with nature, or catch up on the sleep you gave up to attend the Christmas parties and shenanigans you [may have] indulged in!
You've saved some coins having taken part in Dry January, right? You haven't over exerted yourself by partying too hard; having late, or endless nights either, yes? Well, that means, you have more than enough energy and a little bit of cash to see family and friends during the last weekend of this month. Take the opportunity to celebrate something you, or they, have achieved in recent months / weeks. It doesn't matter how small you may consider your achievements to be - celebrate and give thanks!

I cannot wait to see my lot, especially my family! We all have so much to be thankful for as we each started the new year in a very good way for which I am incredibly grateful!

I've arranged to spend quality time with both my family and closest friends towards the end of the month and it will be hearty grub and fun times all around as we make further plans for getting together throughout this year. It doesn't get more positive and uplifting than that!

For those of you who may not have any family or friends, try pushing yourself to find the strength to go out and socialise; network, thus meeting new people and cultivating fresh relationships. I know it isn't easy, I know, but, It is possible - see how here.

If you do have your loved ones within reach, however you don't believe you've any reasons to be joyful, pause for a moment to consider just how much worse life could actually be for you and start with the fact that you are alive and there are people in the world who care about you, praise God! Such things are definitely worth celebrating!

I think I may have said this to you many times before, but, just in case you need a reminder: It is not about what you are faced with. It's all about how you choose to deal with it that can and usually does make all the difference. Wallow for a bit, if you must, but, make sure you don't stay down. Get up, dust off your ill vibe, call a loved one and arrange to meet them before the month is done! Go!

Thanks for reading.
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