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CopyrightCharleyJaiI'm going to keep this post short and sweet, much like the place in question.

Many years ago, I heard the words "Little Venice" and literally thought it was somewhere abroad; perhaps in Italy. I quickly learned that it's but a stone throw away [from where I lived at the time] and somewhere everyone should most definitely visit, especially because, it's free entry and anything you want to do, or indulge in, is super affordable.

CopyrightCharleyJaiWarwick Avenue station, on the Bakerloo line, brings you to the entrance of Little Venice and following the path takes you on a stunning walk where many gorgeous boats sit afloat a river that is also home to some swans.

With scenic views, Little Venice is super cute and very Zen. You might feel as though you're actually on vacation, most certainly if you visit between July and September! It definitely gives you holiday vibes. As well as places to eat and history to take in, there are other hidden gems within it which is most exciting when discovering them for the first time. 

I describe it as a peaceful boat-village boasting great views that are, as you can imagine, more stunning during the summer time, beautiful architecture, a close-knit community and some really cool options of things to do.

My favourite is the river boat restaurant named 'Darcie Geen'. It's stylish, comfortable, modern, colourful and has a very relaxed vibe. They have a bar within the restaurant too! 

Little Venice has become one of my favourite spots in London to visit and, if you haven't already gone to explore, make sure you check it out before the summer is done!!  

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Random Fact > I'm a fairly confident woman, but, certain situations can have me feel incredibly shy, to the point where, I want to run away and hide.

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