Sunday, 1 July 2018


There was a time when I was a right misery, real talk! I am now Mrs optimistic; I try my very best to see the possibilities in every challenge and to maintain a cheery disposition no matter what. Wait a minute!! I'm not saying, "I never feel down, upset, frustrated, or battle negative emotions from time to time" [contrary to popular belief, I am human], however, nowadays, you're more likely to find me in a great mood, upbeat, happier and with a consistently grateful heart than not and this is by choice!


I often remind myself of the many reasons I have to be thankful. I then say aloud at least 2 of those things and keep them at the front of my mind. In addition to that I give myself a reality check. E.G. - "I am happy and grateful to be alive and have a really cool job. But, nothing lasts forever, so, I need to positively embrace all that I've been blessed with while I still can". When you think good, you really do live good.

Without committing to change it won't happen so, I make a note of the benefits I feel and see from walking with a positive mindset [especially where my anxiety is concerned] and I also tell myself, "if the effort isn't consistent the results will be non existent". Change is inevitable. If we fight it, we may hurt ourselves, or those around us, far worse than if we just accepted every turning point with grace and commitment.

I think almost everything is about reaction. I know only too well, from experience, that, it will always serve me better to look for the good in any bad situation I may face. I do incredibly well, if I do say so myself, at finding a positive in any negative situation!

To make somebody smile, or laugh is a big deal for me! It makes me so chuffed to know I've added joy to another person's day and in doing so, I add to my own happiness.

We all know that the people we keep around us will automatically have an effect on our vibe. Their attitude / energy will pour into us whether we like it or not. The vibes are contagious, so, I only allow myself to be around those with the same, or a similar, frame of mind.

Far from being arrogant, I am so comfortable in my skin and confident with who I am, where I've been, all that I have overcome, everything I still battle and the boxes I've yet to tick. I know my value and I know that it deserves to be matched!! Successfully not allowing myself to settle for anything less helps to sustain my positive approach to life.

It's ridiculously important that one learns to maintain a healthy, respectable, honest relationship with themselves.

It's definitely a priority for me to have things to look forward to on a weekly, if not daily, basis - that could be a dinner date with friends, time spent with family, a blog shoot, spa day, exercise... Anything which is positively focused!

Within reason and where appropriate, I do for others whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself and I genuinely love it!

You're one choice away from living the life you actually want! Go get your positivity on and watch how quickly you start to feel and think in a way that has you living a more fulfilled and rewarding life!! God bless. x

Thanks for reading.
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Random Fact > During Secondary school, I was in a girl band named Laise and our vocals were so good, no exaggeration! I use to record us singing on a dictaphone [one of the first ones that came out, it was huge; a brick ha-ha]. I might actually still have that tape somewhere... If I find it and can transfer the recordings I'll share it with you all x

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