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I cannot quite put my finger on what it is about Southend-on-sea that I love so much, but, I honestly think it makes for such a great day out! 
My family and I would visit quite often when I was a child. Or, we would sometimes visit another UK seaside town such as Margate which is lovely, albeit not as much fun as Southend, in my opinion.

The Adventure Island is the main attraction, I'd say, with rides, places to eat, an arcade and a purpose built indoor activities centre [complete with additional rides] for children. It's quite exciting, especially for kids, and I recently took a friend there as she had never been before. To say, "she loved it" wouldn't come close to just how much she enjoyed herself, although, due to having motion sickness, she was sick a few times!

Most of the rides are quite full on, but, The Dragon Claw and Rage give you an intense, stomach churning experience!! Both have almost everybody screaming for the entire duration, LOL! One is a super fast roller coaster with a brutal drop and the other delivers a very quick succession of upside down spins and twists. Avoid these if you don't have a strong stomach, real talk!!
On the Island there is a beach and, although nothing like the gorgeous feel of Brighton beach, it's quite nice to sit there for a while with an ice-cream and just take in the view, or watch people enjoy the speed boat. I would suggest you don't go in the sea because, it's absolutely vile [filled with discarded rubbish, debris, etc.] and smells awful! That said, many people do opt for a little dip, or swim.
With Alicia

Entry to the Island is free, the 'adventure' comes at a cost, but, is super affordable, cheaper if you book online and the bands permit unlimited use for the rides, throughout your visit. Other attractions, e.g. Sea Life, boat rides, etc., come at an additional cost, but, again, they're super affordable. There is definitely something for everyone and laughter is guaranteed!

Add Southend to your list of places to visit in the UK this summer, if you haven't already, and make sure you check out the travel route! I suggest you postpone your trip if the trains are not in service because, taking a bus halfway is a tad long!!

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