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I'm affected by so much more than I actually share, but, I think that's about to change because, these days [with all that is going on in the world - the ill reign of Trump, the Brexit saga, poverty, knife crime, child abuse, etc.], there's less and less joy in my heart. It actually aches... 
Moses Adeyemi - mosesican
Image owned by Moses Adeyemi

Personal Trainer and Well-Being Coach Moses Adeyemi who triumphantly won the popular Channel 4 Series 'SAS: Who Dares Wins', 2016, took to the streets of London recently to live homeless in a passionate bid to raise awareness of the shocking numbers of people without a home. In a short video uploaded to YouTube, respectfully edited, Moses depicted the severity of this problem in the heart of a capital often believed to offer a better way of life.

As I watched the video, which introduces the viewer to a number of people living rough; some on drugs, with disabilities, others battling mental health issue's, etc., I went through every emotion, I really did. Albeit keen to support the charitable efforts of Moses, I quickly became angry and felt enraged, frustrated, confused, helpless, teary and all other feelings in between. How on earth is this life for some people in England, London?

The footage I saw tugged aggressively at my heart strings. "What more can we, the 'little people' do? How can we help those below the poverty line?", I asked myself. Knowing about and seeing homelessness has somehow become the norm in a country so ridiculously wealthy; I struggle to comprehend how so many can be without a home and a regular income, especially in this day and age.

Campaigns for equal pay make the news [rightly so] and are successful. Campaigns to find someone's camera that was lost at sea go viral. Campaigns to boost the Instagram page of an 'aspiring model' are answered. Campaigns to remedy a growing crisis such as homelessness? Slowly, slowly, or not at all.

Poverty is on the increase and I believe this contributes massively to a rise in suicide rates [notably amongst men] and notoriously violent crimes. Money is unequally distributed and, in my opinion, that is not at all justified and so, while the rich get richer, the poor lose their homes, end up on the streets and are subject to the most horrid depravity one can imagine. 
screen grab - YouTube - Homeless in Central
screen grab - YouTube - Homeless in Central
screen grab - YouTube - Homeless in Central
screen grab - YouTube - Homeless in Central
I'm fed up with it! The state of this country; the UK, needs a team of dedicated and compassionate government officials who are well equipped with the necessary skills and resources to appropriately tackle and positively remedy the growing number of problems that continue to have such a grave impact on its citizens, primarily those already considered vulnerable! England is an extremely wealthy country, it never runs out of fuel, food, water, nor money! Nobody should ever have to experience a day, week, month, or years without a roof over their heads, hot water, heating, sanitary products, food, or anything else that every human needs to survive!! The fact that there is such a thing as "the rich" and "the poor" in itself is tragic! 

In the video, titled 'Homeless in Central', one of the people interviewed by Moses says that he "just wants a job". Where are the open doors and opportunities for this individual? It is so apparent that not everyone in a desperate situation is there by choice, or through a fault of their own. Some people are manipulated in a way that has them lose everything before they even realise it, others are abandoned, or neglected, kicked out of the family home with no other options... Think outside the nonsense we're often fed by the media, the inexperienced and the ignorant. NOT EVERY HOMELESS PERSON WAS ABLE TO CHOOSE, OR CHANGE THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT LED TO THEM BEING ON THE STREET and getting off the streets isn't as easy as many tend to think even with all of the services, organisations and individuals who do their part to support and help those without a home. While some of those living rough, having exhausted all available options, or not knowing of any options and without support, give in to their awful situation often turning to drugs [which sometimes comes at a much higher price than that of a financial one], there are many who try [to the absolute best of their ability] to improve their situation.

Watch the video

No fixed abode = no job. No job = no decent income. No decent income = no fixed abode. No support, or help; not being given a chance, means the cycle continues until death!!!!

It's incredibly unfair when you consider what some people are paid to do certain jobs in comparison to the amount one homeless person needs to get back on their feet. If I could rid the world of all poverty I'd do so in less than a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading.
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Random Fact > About 12 years ago, I was homeless [for a very short period of time] before finding refuge at a YMCA where rent was low and 2 meals a day were included, as well as use of the on site gym, computers and support to find work. The facilities were decent [all things considered], however, living there was a constant nightmare and I hardly slept during my 6 months stay!


  1. I very much appreciate your diary-style writing!

  2. Morning very trueful post good write up its a never ending cycle. The government need to house these folks, your first image was from stratford not far from me. Keep up the hard work.

  3. I couldn?t resist commenting. Exceptionally
    well written!

  4. This was very deep and very true. Homelessness is a theme I've lived and experienced first hand and multiple times throughout my life so I'm very grateful for your voice on behalf of those still suffering. I agree that empathy and compassion must be used in positions of authority to help to remedy this tragic and unnecessary situation. Great blog Charley x

    1. Thank you for your encouraging and supportive words, Shenuma and also for sharing your own experience. Much appreciated x

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