Sunday, 4 March 2018


CopyrightCharleyJaiFor the very first soldiers.
The ones who took on many battles without any warning, or training.

For the first hero's.
The ones who always found a way to make the impossible, possible.

For the first teacher's.
The ones who educated, tutored, encouraged and inspired.

For the first chefs.
The ones who made every effort to cook quality meals, wanting to provide the best. 

For the first counsellors.
The ones who genuinely cared, gave impartial advice, who were supportive and understanding.

For the first nurses and doctors who were never off duty.
The ones who learned instinctively how to heal, comfort and nurture.

For the first caretakers.
The ones who made sure they catered to more than just the basic needs. 

For that first friend
For that first true love;
The one forever irreplaceable, of whom there are fond memories.

For the surviving relatives.

Let this Mother's Day be a celebration of magnificent women, everywhere!! 
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Thanks for reading.
This post is in memory of the loving, strong, courageous ladies who walk with me in spirit.

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