Sunday, 11 June 2017

HOW TO: Avoid Conflict at Work

If you've managed to survive every job without confrontation, or drama, I really want to hear from you! Too many of us, not necessarily through any fault of our own, have experienced the worst problems whilst employed and overcoming such ordeals is not easy at all. However, it is possible, without feeling as though you're having to change who you are, or remain on mute, to avoid conflict at work.

1. Don't share too much of your personal life - this can lead to people thinking they know you and as a result can have them speak to you in a way they feel is absolutely fine.
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2. Be more about your work and associated tasks than social activities with your colleagues - there's no need to say, "yes" to every after work party, or event plus, more time, such events can lead to awkward interactions that may then cause tension in the office! I know you know what I'm talking about...

3. While it's great to have work friends, remember those you work with are colleagues and not your long time friends, or people with whom you have developed a solid trust over a number of years - it's possible that everyone is out for themselves and would happily 'screw you over' to get ahead.

4. Genuine kindness is a must, however, being too keen to please might have you come across as overbearing - you can give compliments and the alike, just don't overdo it!
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5. The more you learn, the better for you. So, go the extra mile where possible; within reason and seek to educate yourself on all aspects of the business / organisation - your success depends on the knowledge you acquire and then how you apply that knowledge.

6. It will never be a good idea to join the gossip crew, NEVER!! 

7. Always take the opportunity to ask questions and to voice your concerns - improvements can only start where the relevant conversations begin.

8. Stay focused. You can do this by making sure you surround yourself with information about the job and / or the policies of the company which will take you some time to read. Also, ask for work if you have little to do - you'll thrive, which may lead to being given more responsibilities (but, not too many, be careful with this), or a promotion. Being busy will also reduce distractions, plus your shifts are less likely to drag!
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9. Yes to diplomacy, no to personal opinion - stay true to who you are, however, know that diplomatic contributions will likely be favoured more than what you truly think. Essentially, be tactful with your honesty!

10. Look for the fun and positive aspects of your role and the company - make sure you have a laugh every day. Your mental and emotional well-being will remain intact and is, of course, super important where your overall health is concerned. Look after yourself and work well so as to get those professional boxes ticked!

Truly hope these tips are helpful to you. 
There's plenty more on Google so, head over there and have a browse... x

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  1. Nice blog 😊. I do agree with your overall sentiment though my opinions differ slightly. I agree on having fun at work (well trying to..) But also staying focused on the what I am there for. Though in the past I have forged some really positive long standing friendships/relationships with people I have worked with. Maybe it's dependant on personality or work place, because some places of work can determine just how friendly you can be with colleagues. Say private or government organisations for example. One thing I definitely agree on is stay out of office gossip/politics and I so far I have managed l to not have beef with anyone I worked with. My rule for sharing info is only tell people what they need to know not what they want. And I remind myself if things get tense in the office, it's a job not my life.

    1. Luv this, Duval, thank you! I should've consulted with you before I published this post 😉


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