Sunday, 7 May 2017


Do you remember the first online profile you created on a 'social networking' site? Had you done any research prior to signing up? Probably not, there wasn't really a need back in the day. For me it was Hi-5 (remember that platform?) and all I knew was that it was the 'place' to be and (at the time) it was a lot of fun! It was an occasional online jolly that always remained exciting because, there were no mobile phone apps which gave you quick access 24/7 so, you had to wait until you got home, or could visit the local library to check what was new!

Today, 'social' media platforms are more 'business' than it is anything else. A constant stream of marketing, promotions, ad's, sponsored posts, selling, campaigning, strategic political 'mentions', bandwagon noise and competition. It's all a bit #awkward nowadays...
My Twitter time line
Social media is all about micro 'influencers' versus macro 'influencers', literally! You cannot escape it and would be immediately forgiven (by me anyway) for jumping on the conveyor belt yourself. 

Facebook is full of commercial pop up's, Twitter is a promotional waterfall against the backdrop of the odd 'hype', or angst, Instagram is all #ad, or 'come to this', 'buy this', 'join this', or 'watch me do this' and the rest I won't even bother to comment on because, they're pretty much the same. When did this happen and why? 
My Facebook time line
I miss the days when everything had its own, unique spot - adverts were on the television and in publications, or on billboards and the alike, private conversations happened over the phone and in person, events were about entertainment, social media was a place to 'meet' and 'connect' with the type of individuals whom you'd not likely cross paths with in real life.

It's difficult living in this day and age, it really is. I struggle with it sometimes. I cannot get my head around the way everything has evolved and the direction it all seems to be going. We've become so dependent upon online 'engagement' and information, even though we know a lot of what is being shared is untrue, which can have such a devastating impact on our relationships. Stress (for some) is missing the latest trending on Twitter, not being one of the first to check yet another ('new' make-up) tutorial on YouTube, losing 'friends' on Facebook, deciding what pictures to take for Instagram and when to upload them... Is this life now? What on earth is going on? Seriously?
It's so extreme that, sometimes, when we do interact off line, most people are so caught up with their electronic devices, or with trying to 'capture the moments' to later share online, that our social interactions can actually suffer. I can't deal and I feel no way to share that with you. I think the development of technology is fab and I really like what it has enabled us to do especially the positive educational and business opportunities. I'm just not about the negative aspects of it which you probably agree with. I think we're far too addicted to 'cyber lives' and the virtual world. It isn't healthy!

When was the last time you went old school and left your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, iPad and the rest, at home for the day? Could you even do that without being forced to? Or, how about making sure you silence your phone and leave it in your bag, or pocket whenever you socialise? Do you ever go on a tech detox?


Thank you for reading. 

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