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When I started my blog in 2010 I didn't know anybody who could advise me on the most suitable platform, the best way to launch, or 'drive' my posts, so, I had to learn on my own - I've made more than a ton of mistakes but, many valuable lessons later I'm now running a Top Rated blog! With that in mind, I'd like to share with you the following tips:

I've found that a lot of photo bloggers seem to use Tumblr [officially launched in 2007] while Wordpress [released in 2003] has better features for support including help with audience growth/engagement. Blogger [created in 1999, which is what I use] is uncomplicated and very easy to use. Grab a cuppa and prepare to spend a substantial amount of time having a look around before you make a firm choice about which one to use. NB: The difference between and
Essential tools, LOL!
Not all free blogging platforms allow creative freedom so, before you sign up, navigate your way around the site to find out just how much control it will give you over the design of your blog etc.

There are an absurd amount of 'blogging community' pages across all social media platforms and some of them have the most insane 'sign up' rules such as, NO SHARING OF YOUR BLOG POST LINKS. Yep, ridiculous!! What's the point of joining if you cannot do the obvious and most necessary thing to have your work be seen/read? Again, ensure you are fully aware of the requirements of these so-called 'communities' before you decide to register, join etc.
Research and planning
You've got to develop a super thick skin and be very bold when it comes to promoting your posts! Share on every applicable platform on which you have a profile/account but, try to do so in a way that's interesting, to the point, friendly and without any pressure. Yes, you want people to "check out" your work, however, you want them to feel that they have a choice because, well, they do! Research your target audience and plan your marketing strategies.

It's a saturated industry and, to some degree, has become very dog-eat-dog! Some [again, some] bloggers will never support you, they will never help you, they will never give you/your blog a shout out and they will never even 'notice' you unless you are considered successful as deemed by one of the most 'influential'/'elite' bloggers who usually receive their titles from the equally regarded platforms who dish out the awards for 'best bloggers'.
Wearing: 'Charley Jai' hoodie by the former Nothing Clothing Company / IMNA
You may struggle if you do not cover Photography, Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Make-Up, Food, or Travel! For whatever reason, the majority of the world cannot get enough of bloggers and vloggers whose content falls into those categories despite just how many websites and YouTube channels now share guides, tutorials, new releases, hauls and more within these fields. I mean, really? Is there not more to life? 

Although they may also offer no support, share your work with family and friends. Ask them to also forward your posts on to their contacts! 
Photo taken by Abi Lawal, capture by Tyrone Hylton [great friends]
Do not start a blog if you have already begun second guessing whether it's something you "actually want to do", or not. Chances are, it's not something you will commit to long term. In the same tone, starting a blog to make money is also a silly thing to do. Most bloggers will tell you that it can take a good 3-4 years of having to establish yourself and your blog long before you're given any sort of recognition that may potentially lead to monetary opportunities. That said, I do not believe in being money driven. The drive should be your passion, interests and hobbies etc.

I couldn't possibly cover everything, this entry would be far too long however, 
I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions just ask!

Thank you for reading

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