Tuesday, 30 September 2014


If there was a drug you could take that would make you eternally happy, would you take it? What if I told you that we were all born with this drug; that it lives just below your heart and at any moment you can get a fix? Would you believe me? Let me explain how you can get a dose of this internal high…

ONE – as you are (with or without make-up, clothes, hair done etc, in private of course) stand in front of your most revealing mirror and take in all that you see; all that you are exactly as you see yourself.

TWO – starting from your eyes right down to your hands, analyse what you see; what emotion do your eyes display? Are your lips pursed and intimidating, or are they relaxed and inviting wholesome conversation? What type of vibe do you give off; is your posture warm or ice cold? Are your hands clenched into a tight fist full of tension, or calm and welcoming? 

THREE – as you stand facing your mirror image, break yourself down with questions: if I met someone who looked like this person staring back at me in the mirror what would I think of them and how would being around them make me feel?

FOUR – give yourself an honest evaluation of your appearance: what does it say about you, your expression: does it warn people off, or does it encourage a smile? and the way you hold yourself: are you a closed book, or happy to meet new people?

FIVE – take yourself through a complete psychological makeover by speaking at the mirror (essentially to yourself) the positive outcome of your self assessment starting each sentence with, “I am” as you focus entirely on the positives! E.G. “I am good, I am radiant, I am friendly, I am humble and confident”.

SIX – meditate! Reflect on the positives you have found in the breakdown you have just given yourself; embrace the greatness that you are and fully release the good energy you possess and as you do let happiness wash over you because, happy is he who has finally realised and accepted that to be happy is to first understand that it is a choice and one which you have complete control over for it is a state of mind, like a pill that actually does nothing for you but, because you believe it will, once you take it you suddenly feel better. {The placebo effect also known as ‘mind over matter’} 

There you have it! It’s that simple to get hold of your unlimited and free supply of Happy Pills!!! Go lock yourself away and overdose on all things positive! Get your Zen on!! Happy pill popping, folks! 

PS. There is nothing you will go through that you cannot overcome unless you choose not to!

Think Good, Live Good!
Don’t mind yourself with what doesn't matter! Place your focus on all that makes your heart glad, your lips smile and will keep you positively high!!


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