Wednesday, 26 March 2014


As your face is the one part of your body which is exposed more than any other it is imperative that you give it just that little bit of extra care! I’m no expert however, despite my years, I am often mistaken for being in my early twenties and folks always refer to my face as looking young, fresh and clear. Bar the circles underneath my eyes, my face is indeed clear.

So, as many people (both men and women) have asked me what I use on my face and how frequently, I have decided to share my twice daily (face) cleansing routine with you. If you wish to start using the products mentioned make sure you first do a skin/allergy test. What works for one may badly affect someone else.

Together with this daily routine, I steam my face whenever it feels a little clogged; as though it is struggling to breathe and that can be anything from once a fortnight to once every 2-3 days and I also drink plenty of water!

Using a clean flannel (face cloth) soaked in hot water only I clean my entire face, neck and ears.

Using the cucumber facial toner from Boots ‘essential’ range and some cotton wool, I then cleanse my face, neck and behind my ears until the cotton wool has no residue on it.

Using Savlon (yes, the antiseptic cream which is great for spots, blemishes and other marks) I then moisturize my face and neck. (Not my ears because I get a weird sensation if I do, plus they never seem to get dry etc).

Using the cucumber eye gel from Boots ‘essential’ range I squeeze a tiny amount onto the tip of my little finger and apply to just underneath (the horrid bag area) and over the eye lids.

I use Maybelline baby lips (‘hydrate’, the blue one) from Boots on my pout! Ha-ha…

NB: I repeat the above steps before I go to sleep replacing Savlon with E45!

TIP: You may already know this but, toothpaste is a great spot removal treatment!! Thankfully I don’t get many of those pesky pizza toppings on my face.....

However, sadly, when I do, they tend to appear on my nose or at the top of my cheeks. Although they’re always tiny, because I’m fair-skinned, they show up red so, I follow the cleansing regime above and then (without applying any cream to my face) I apply a small bit of toothpaste to each spot and leave it to work it's 'magic' overnight. The spots are visibly reduced by the following morning and completely gone by the second morning!!

There you have it, that’s all I do! I have been following this regime/routine since my early teens when my mother introduced me to the products and taught me how to use them and I have always made sure I follow the steps twice daily. It probably also helps my face that I do not wear makeup religiously! I wear it so rarely (because, I just don’t like it) that I often forget how to apply it and what each product is actually called, real talk!! And, if I do choose to wear makeup, I keep it natural; wearing very little and always ensure I take if off before going to bed.

SAVLON antiseptic cream: 99p - £3.75 from various stores
BOOTS cucumber facial toner: £1.50 for 150ml
BOOTS cucumber eye gel: £1.50 for 15ml
MAYBELLINE baby lips: £2.99

In addition to the above I have a fairly healthy diet and exercise upto 5 days per week!

 10/11 images taken from Google