Friday, 10 February 2017


In a relationship? Great! You're good to go - it'll be dinner, cinema, a romantic walk, drinks at a bar somewhere decorated with all things red and hearts, or a cosy night in designed to have the obvious happen.. Perhaps all of the above and then some if you're being spoilt, LOL!

Single and without [any available] friends to enjoy the day / evening with to distract from being alone on Valentine's Day? Keep reading....

I don't have the answers to every question I'm asked but, I'm always happy to try to help. "Charley, what can I do on Valentine's Day to stop myself feeling glum?". Once again, for me, it's simple. I don't succumb to the money making scam at all! It's just another day that has been tagged as being something we must all 'buy' into. Literally!

This year V-Day falls on a weekday and so, you might be at work [which could be a big enough distraction], or you may feel too tired after being on the job to be concerned with any evening plans. However, here's a list of things you can do [during the day, or night] which may prevent you from feeling all doom and gloom on February 14th!

Bake some goodies and deliver to the homeless in your area
Arrange a family get together [with those who are also single]
Start the planning process of a project you've wanted to get off the ground
Find out if your solo elderly neighbours want some company on the day too!
Begin reading the book you've been putting off [unless it's a romance novel]
Indulge in a hot bath, feel-good music [no romantic songs] and some bubbly
Spend the day sightseeing - wherever you live - and discover some new things
Have a clear out - sort out your cupboards, wardrobes etc and get rid of the clutter
Watch that DVD, film, or programme you've been meaning to watch, or catch up on
See if there are any local events for singles that may be of interest to you - go along without any expectations and treat it as a bit of a business opportunity [network]

Don't pressure yourself and try not to get bogged down with thoughts about 'being alone' on Valentine's Day. It really isn't that deep at all. Celebrate the love you have for yourself; your achievements to date and all that you have overcome thus far. Put a new spin on V-Day, think of it as 'Love Day' meaning: to love God, oneself, family, friends and all others. The name of the day is a firm fixture, how you feel about it can change whenever you're ready.

HAPPY LOVE DAY a.k.a Valentine's Day 
a.k.a Nonsense Money Making Scam Day!

              Thanks for reading, hope it's been helpful....?

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